- You can watch the latest episode of RAW Backstage Fallout, featuring 3MB and Team Rhodes Scholars, in the video above.

- The Chicago Tribune has a Q&A with CM Punk about his love for hockey at this link (subscription required). There wasn't much wrestling discussed, although Punk did mention having the Chicago Blackhawks logo on his trunks and boots for his match with Chris Jericho at Payback this past Sunday.

"I knew I wanted to make the gear to support my team; that was the basis of it," Punk said. "The logo is actually a little bit of a cross between the Blackhawks logo and my logo. If you look really closely at the top of the two tomahawks, it's a little fist with an 'X' on it."

- Speaking of the Blackhawks, Triple H's theme was played at Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Blackhawks and the Bruins last night at the beginning of the first period prior to the puck drop.

- In a related note, The Undertaker's theme was used for the San Antonio Spurs during the NBA finals this past Sunday night.

- Mark Henry continues to gloat over his performance on last night's RAW. The World Strongest Man posted this tweet earlier today:

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