As noted yesterday, 13-year-old Devalon Armstrong has been charged with second-degree murder after killing his 5-year-old half-sister, Viloude Louis. The boy was babysitting Viloude while his mother was away at the store. According to Col. John Fortunato of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Devalon said that he started wrestling with the victim and practicing "WWE-style" wrestling moves.

The Associated Press has picked up on the story, and noted that the "wrestling moves" Devalon used "allegedly included repeatedly slamming the girl on a bed, punching her in the stomach, jumping on her and striking her with his elbow." Viloude died after suffering multiple injuries including broken ribs, internal bleeding and lacerations of the liver.

Detective Matt Vasquez said that the boy admitted to knowing that wrestling was fake, and was smiling during questioning while discussing the wrestling moves.

"The 13-year-old continued by saying the victim complained that she was hurting, but he continued to slam, punch and elbow her for an additional two or three minutes, stopping when his mother called him on the phone to check on he and the victim," a news release from the sheriff's office stated.

The boy then said that the victim complained of having a stomach ache, and she went upstairs to brush her teeth. Devalon found her 30 minutes later on the bathroom floor, and dialed 911 when he realized she was no longer breathing. She died shortly after deputies arrived and paramedics were unable to revive her.

Devalon is currently in a juvenile detention center in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Psychiatrists will evaluate the boy and determine if he is mentally able to participate in his own defense.

WWE passed along this updated statement earlier this afternoon:

"The death of Viloude Louis is a tragedy and we express our heartfelt condolences. Authorities have already charged the accused with second degree murder and determined that this was not an accidental death due to a wrestling move. The facts of this case clearly point to a lack of parental supervision and a teenager who had a history of violent behavior toward his 5-year-old stepsister. It is illogical to conclude that the repeated, brutal and ultimately fatal beating of a 5-year-old little girl by a teenager could be confused with imitation of WWE action seen on TV."

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