Views From The Turnbuckle: 4 Notable Underrated Wrestlers

Shamrock was as over as anybody in the attitude-era and received some of the biggest pops out of anyone on the roster during that time period. He had some of the best into music of all-time and always came out looking like he was ready to snap someone's neck. His tremendous feud with the Rock over the IC title in 1998 really helped set up the Rock for his main event push later that year. Unfortunately for Shamrock, he suffered a terrible injury in 1999 at the hands of Chris Jericho's bodyguard, Mr. Hughes, which led to his departure from the WWF. If Shamrock came along in 2007 instead of 1997, I have no doubt he would be a multiple time world champion. His charisma, intensity and background would certainly make him stick out further in a significantly less loaded era in the WWE.

2 Cold Scorpio

I'm going to be honest here, I love 2 Cold more than possibly anybody in the world. I couldn't write a column about underrated performers without mentioning Scorpio, so I will try and keep this short. Scorpio was one of the first American wrestlers to use high-flying, lucha libre style moves. He is what many fans call the innovator of the 450 splash and his travels in Mexico, Europe and Japan made him one of the most versatile and well-rounded wrestlers to ever get in the ring. When he entered WCW his style immediately made him stick out from the traditional mat-based wrestlers of the old-NWA. His success in WCW was quick, as he soon jumped ship to ECW, where he would win the TV Title 4 times and continuously bring the house down. His 30 minute draw with Sabu is one of my all-time favorite matches and one of the reasons ECW could stake a claim as having the best wrestling product in the world during that time period.

While Kane, Windham and Shamrock all attained some significant championship success on the biggest stages of wrestling, Scorpio never really did. He was saddled as Flash Funk in the WWF and never picked up any meaningful wins over anybody but jobbers. Scorpio possessed great charisma, his jiving and attitude in the ring made him look like a black, in-shape Dusty Rhodes. I know this is going to sound ridiculous, and you can slam me in the comments if you want too, but I honestly think that Scorpio was better than Eddie Guerrero. He was just as good in the ring, and he had more charisma. The only difference is that WCW and the WWE gave Eddie the opportunities to succeed on a huge level, while Scorpio could only do so in ECW and in Japan. Scorpio is still active on the indy circuit, and he can still do the 450 splash, but it sucks to think about how much potential was wasted by bookers who couldn't see the real talent of Scorpio.

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