TNA Impact Results: 1st Main Event Mafia Member Revealed, Open Fight Night, BFG Series

Bradley is relentless with about 3 elbow drops but Aries kicks out. Aries ducks a big boot in the corner and he goes to work with quick kicks. Aries hits a dropkick in the corner and comes off the top with a missile. Jay eats some more kicks but hits a big backbreaker across his knee. Aries is able to power the big man up for the brainbuster for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Austin Aries

- A Sting video package is shown.

- Sting doesn't stop for the cameras in the back but he says he is on his way for a little "sit-down."

- Sting is in the shadows talking about "brotherhood" and "family." He asks the shadowy figure if he's "in." The man puts out his hand and they shake.

- Chavo motivates Hernandez in the back.

- Hernandez makes his entrance. He calls out Daniels.

Open Fight Night / BFG Series: Hernandez vs. Daniels

Daniels goes right to work on Hernandez' legs. Hernandez comes back with big power moves. Daniels rakes the eyes and takes the big man down to size. Hernandez hits a big gorilla press throw and runs through Daniels with a series of clotheslines and axe handles. Hernandez hits Air Mexico into the ring. Daniels hits a low-blow and the Best Moonsault Ever for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Daniels

- Linda...I mean Brooke Hogan is on her way to the ring.

- Back from a break as Kazarian is in the ring. He calls out Magnus.

Open Fight Night / BFG Series: Magnus vs. Kazarian

Kaz tries to get in a cheap shot from behind but Magnus turns around and has him scouted. Kaz takes the same approach as Daniels from before and takes the big man to his knees. Kazarian hits a nice spinning neckbreaker but Magnus comes back and for a series of clotheslines. Magnus catches Kaz in mid-air and slams him but Kaz gets his foot on the rope. Magnus charges into the corner but Kaz moves. Magnus applies the Texas Cloverleaf and Kaz taps after about 5 seconds.

Winner of 10 points by submission: Magnus

- Hulk is on his phone in the back. He is talking about "3 new guys." Bully approaches from behind with the hammer. Hulk grabs him by the collar and backs him into the wall. He dare Bully to hit him with the hammer. Bully says he is not that kind of man. Bully wants to talk to Brooke. Hogan says they are done. Bully asks Hogan why he thinks Brooke stopped him from hitting Bully with the hammer two weeks ago. Bully leaves and calls Hulk, "dad." Hogan is beyond frustrated.

- Brooke Hogan comes to the ring and stands behind a podium. She praises the Knockouts but her mic sound is low. She says we are going to have a hot summer. She calls all the Knockouts to the ring for a State of the Knockouts. ODB and Eric Young lead the way. Mickie James comes out with her own personal introduction from Brooke. She comes out cutting a heel promo about the state of the division.

Brooke says this is not just about Mickie. Brooke turns her attention to Eric Young. She wants to know if he remembers what she told him last year. He comically says that, "Technically, [he's] not a woman." He hands over the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles. He says the good news is that it is National Kissing Day and he falls all over ODB. They leave.

Brooke says Velvet Sky is the heart of the division. Mickie interrupts and says that Velvet is hurt. Brooke says she spoke to Velvet's doctor and she is good to go so they will face-off next week. Gail Kim wants some attention and respect. Brooke praises Gail's match with Taryn. She says Gail will get her rematch against Taryn in a Ladder Match in Las Vegas.

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