TNA Impact Results: 1st Main Event Mafia Member Revealed, Open Fight Night, BFG Series

Instant Reaction: This wasn't the smoothest segment but in Brooke's defense, she improvised well and got the points across.

- Hogan tells his daughter that she did a good job but now she has to leave because Bully is going to turn it into a circus. She reluctantly gets into the limo to go back to the hotel.

- AJ Styles makes his full entrance to the ring. He grabs a mic and with the "mood" lights, he says this is not about TNA or Aces & 8's, but about becoming the TNA World Champion. He says that after 11 years, TNA is no place for a hero. He is sick and tired of doing the right thing; he's doing his own thing. Samoa Joe makes his entrance.

BFG Series: Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings and here we go! They circle each other and start off with some MMA stand-up. AJ takes him down to a knee with a side headlock. AJ holds on the headlock as Joe tries MMA-style escapes. Joe counters the head scissors and AJ releases. AJ takes control with methodical offense. Joe hits the Enzuigiri on the apron and leg sweeps AJ as we go to a commercial.

We're back to action as Joe gets a near fall in the ring. Joe is in full control. AJ catches Joe with a dropkick and Joe goes to the floor. AJ hits another one through the ropes and to the floor as we are told that there are 5 minutes left in the match. AJ comes off the top with a flying forearm for 2. Joe hits a lightning fast powerslam and goes to an arm submission but AJ gets out.

Joe goes for a superplex but AJ shifts his weight and falls on top of Joe. Both men are down as the ref counts. Both men trade strikes in the center of the ring. AJ applies the Calf Killer but Joe turns into a crossface. AJ almost gets 2. 30 seconds remain. They grapple on the mat but time runs out.

Time Limit Draw: 2 points each

AJ sucker-punches Joe and they roll around on the mat. AJ's nose is busted open.

- Bully is on the phone in the back. It's Brooke. He tells her to come back because he wants to talk to her. Bully tells Devon, DOC, and Knux to jump on their bikes to make sure Brooke gets here safely. He tells the others to watch his back.

- Hulk Hogan tells the X-Division stars, Suicide, King, and Sabin that if they win next week, the winner can choose to put up the X-Division Title to face Bully on July 18 for the World Title.

- Bobby Roode makes his entrance. Jeff Hardy is introduced.

Open Fight Night / BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

Roode meets Hardy on the ramp before Hardy can finish his entrance. They make it to the ring. Back and forth. Roode hangs Hardy out to dry and takes advantage on the floor. Back in the ring, Roode hits a nice suplex and a knee to the chest for 2. Hardy fights back and hits a splash off the second buckle for 2.

Hardy goes into flurry mode punctuated by a dropkick to the face / legdrop to the groin for 2. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and goes up top but Roode avoids the Swanton. Roode goes to a crossface but Hardy gets out. Hardy hits another Twist of Fate out of nowhere for the win.

Winner of 7 points by win: Jeff Hardy

- Bully Ray is on his way to the ring.

- Sting says the night is young.

- Bully Ray enters the ring and talks about all the guys gunning for his title. He wants to call someone out but not to fight because he is a "lover not a fighter." Brooke doesn't show. He calls her again but the Main Event Mafia music plays and Sting walks out instead.

Sting, in his suit, enters the ring. He tells Bully that he knows a lone wolf can't take Aces & 8's so he went back to his family. Bully says he beat Sting and he can never become champion again. Sting says that doesn't mean that he can't get retribution on Bully. Sting begins to take off his suit. He gets stuck trying to take his tie off like Rocky did with his shirt all those years ago.

Bully calls out Aces & 8's as Sting gets down to his t-shirt. They don't show. Sting throws his shirt on Bully's head and directs Bully's attention to the screen. We see Aces & 8's members laid out. Sting backs Bully up the ramp. Kurt Angle appears in a suit and puts Bully in the Ankle Lock as Bully taps with Sting in his face.

Instant Reaction: Where was Kurt Angle when Sting was getting beat up?

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