Source: Channel 24

Channel 24 has an interview with Dolph Ziggler, who was promoting the upcoming WWE tour of South Africa. The interview was conducted last week when Ziggler was still World Heavyweight Champion, here are some highlights:

If the World Heavyweight Championship has the interest and prestige it had with Triple H: "Honestly, no, I don't think so. Here's the deal. As a titleholder of a championship, you are the representatives of the company. You are the champion, you are the face of either Raw or Smackdown, and for some reason in the past couple of years the WHC has gone down in value from the fans' standpoint and perhaps from an administrative standpoint. As we understand it the WWE Championship is the title of Monday Night Raw and that is the flagship of WWE. But my goal, every single time I've touched anything, I found a way to bring prestige back to something that used to be a stepping stone. To me, the WHC is one of the biggest prizes in the game of all time, because I grew up as a huge fan of it. So now, my goal is to have this become the premiere title in sports entertainment. Whether that can happen, I don't know, but I am just getting started. I'm a couple weeks into it, and I promise if it has anything to do with me, then it will become the prize that it was."

His wrestling hero: "Stone Cold Steve Austin, because he had a great rivalry with The Rock. As a fan growing up, every Monday night I looked forward to the glass breaking and Stone Cold coming out, whether he was in a match or just talking I didn't care, I just wanted to see him because he was that good at what he does. And I want some day for kids to hear my music and go 'Here we go, it's gonna be the best part of the show' and I think I have been working and working and working and one day we're gonna get that."

Ziggler also discussed his feud with Alberto Del Rio, recovery from his injury, how he's a fan of Justin Gabriel, not being able to win a match without AJ and Big E (or with them) and much more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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