ROH Best In The World Results: Jay Vs. Mark Briscoe, Matt Hardy Vs. Kevin Steen

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Best in the World opens with a recap of Jay Briscoe winning the ROH World Title, Jay's challenge to his brother Mark and the build up to their match tonight.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are on commentary for the evening. Kelly talks to Corino briefly about what SCUM has on the line tonight. Kelly says that the Briscoe's family from Sandy Fork is here.

Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob) vs. BJ Whitmer

They immediately start exchanging strikes. Whitmer sends Bennett to the outside and then lands a dive. Bennett whips Whitmer into the barrier, gets up on the apron and lands a leaping clothesline. Bennett rams Whitmer into the barrier and then sends things back inside. Bennett whips Whitmer into the corner and charges, but Whitmer moves. Whitmer lands a series of big chops. Whitmer hits a back breaker for a one count.

Bennett comes back and gets a knee to the mid section. Bennett lands a pair of headbutts to the gut for a two count. Bennett takes Whitmer to the corner and hits a series of chops and strikes. Bennett hits a vertical Suplex. Bennett locks in Whitmer's head on the mat and Whitmer fights to his feet. Bennett lands a dropkick.

Whitmer gets a pair of clotheslines and a powerslam. He hits a flying knee on Bennett in the corner and then a Suplex combo for a near pin fall. Whitmer backdrops Bennett. Brutal Bob swarms the ring, Whitmer tosses him out and Whitmer lands an exploder Suplex for the win.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

After the match, Maria yells to Bennett that it was Bob's fault he lost. Bennett yells at Bob and Maria pulls Bennett away.

The American Wolves vs. ACH and Tadarius Thomas

There was some sort of issue and the first part of this match was cut off. Thomas tries to Suplex Edwards, but Edwards fights him off. Richards comes in and kicks Thomas in the chest. He locks in the trailer hitch on Thomas. Edwards comes in and sends Thomas into the turnbuckle. The Wolves take turns chopping and kicking Thomas. Edwards takes ACH off the apron. Richards snapmares Thomas and locks in a submission.

ACH tries to break it up, but the ref stops him. Richards tries for a German Suplex, but Thomas flips out. He kicks Richards in the head. Edwards and ACH come in. ACH lands a crossbody from up top. Another technical issue. ACH hits a stunner on Edwards. Edwards Superkicks Thomas. The Wolves hit the super kick/German combo on ACH for a near pin fall. Richards kicks ACH multiple times in the corner.

Richards sets ACH up top and ACH headbutts Richards off. Edwards runs and kicks ACH and locks him in super plex position. Thomas tries to fight him off and Edwards hurricanranas him. Richards dropkicks Thomas. Richards tries to Suplex Thomas, who wiggles out. Richards kicks Thomas in the face. The match then jumps (sorry with these issues) to the finish, where Richards put his knees up when ACH tried for a 450 splash and reversed it into a pin for the win.

Winners: The American Wolves

A recap of the feud between Roderick Strong and Adam Cole is then shown.

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