ROH Best In The World Results: Jay Vs. Mark Briscoe, Matt Hardy Vs. Kevin Steen

Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong

They circle each other and tie up. Strong gets backed in the corner. They chain wrestle. Strong hits a snap mare and locks Cole's head in. Cole gets to his feet and backs Strong to the ropes. Strong gets a monkey flip and gets a series of pin attempts. Strong twists Cole's arm around multiple times. Cole battles back with a shot to the head. Cole charges Strong in the corner, but Strong locks Cole in the Tree of Woe.

Strong chops Cole and then hits him in the face. He then locks Cole in a submission where Cole is wrapped around his back. Cole gets out and Strong rolls him up for a two count. Strong chops Cole. Cole lands a knee to the back of the head for a two count. Cole gets a vertical and then locks in a head lock on the mat. Strong battles out and kicks Cole in the elbow. Cole kicks Strong on the apron to the outside and then lands a dive.

Cole sends Strong into the ring and kicks him in the back of the thigh. He goes up top, but Strong hits him and goes up top too. Strong tries for a super plex, but Cole hits him off. He goes for a crossbody, but Strong hits a dropkick. Strong gets a pair of chops and then hits an elbow in one corner, followed by a knee in another corner into a bulldog. Strong drapes Cole across the top rope.

They exchange reversals and Cole hits an enziguri, followed by a shining wizard for a near pin fall. Cole tries to lock in the figure four, but Strong kicks him off. Cole locks in the figure four and Strong gets to the ropes. Cole keeps the attack up. Strong rolls to the apron. Cole tries to Suplex him in the ring, but Strong reverses and brings Cole to the apron. They exchange strikes and Cole super kicks Strong, causing him to fall through a table. Cole goes down by Strong and tries to help him up and get him back in the ring as the ref is counting. Cole drops Strong at the 14 count and rolls back in the ring. The ref gets to 20.

Winner via countout: Adam Cole

Corino follows Cole up the ramp as he is leaving, talking to him.

Next, a recap of the events leading to Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa is shown.

Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa

They shake hands and get in each other's face. They go back and forth with strikes and dodges. They exchange shoulder strikes. Elgin hits a series of headbutts. Elgin tries for his delayed vertical, but Ciampa reverses into a delayed vertical of his own. Ciampa pulls his kneepad down and charges Elgin, but Elgin reverses and locks in a crossface.

Elgin picks Ciampa on his shoulders and tosses him into the corner. Elgin lands a series of clubbing forearms to the back and then lands his delayed vertical. The audience counts to 60. Elgin gets a near pin fall. Elgin locks in a waist lock and Ciampa fights out. He picks Elgin on his shoulders, but Elgin fights out. They both try to clothesline each other several times. Ciampa clotheslines Elgin over the top rope and they both tumble outside.

They exchange chops and strikes on the outside. Ciampa picks Elgin up and rams him into the barrier. The floor mat gets ripped up as they continue to fight outside. Ciampa goes inside and tries for a dive, but Elgin lands an elbow. Elgin suplexes Ciampa onto the exposed floor. Elgin rolls inside as the ref starts the count. Ciampa tries to get in, Elgin goes back outside and Elgin bombs Ciampa into the barrier. He rolls Ciampa inside and goes up top. He hits a corkscrew senton for a near pin fall. Elgin hits the buckle bomb and goes for the Elgin bomb, but Ciampa reverses.

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