ROH Best In The World Results: Jay Vs. Mark Briscoe, Matt Hardy Vs. Kevin Steen

Ciampa hits multiple forearms in the corner, followed by multiple kicks. Ciampa and Elgin end up on the top rope. Ciampa lands a big move, but Elgin kicks out. Elgin backs Ciampa into the corner and charges, but Elgin catches Ciampa and tosses him to the mat. Elgin deadlifts Ciampa up and slams him to the mat. Ciampa goes to the apron. Elgin hits a spinning Backfist and goes up top. He tries for a deadlift superplex, but Ciampa counters into Project Ciampa. He goes for the pin, but Elgin gets his foot on the rope.

Elgin bails to the apron and Ciampa follows. Ciampa keeps the attack up. He goes for Project Ciampa again, but Elgin reverses. Elgin deadlifts Ciampa up and hits the buckle bomb, followed by a sitout powerbomb for a near pin fall. Ciampa locks in a triangle choke. Elgin fights out with another bucklebomb. He goes for another powerbomb, but Ciampa reverses and kicks Elgin in the head for a near pin fall. Elgin lands a back lariat. He hits Ciampa with a series of spinning back fists, followed by a huge clothesline for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin

After the match, Elgin offers to shake Ciampa's hand, which he does.


Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly are now on commentary. They talk about the first half of the PPV, then a recap of how SCUM was added to the TV and Tag Title matches is shown.

ROH Television Championship
Matt Taven (c) with Truth Martini vs. Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy Jacobs

They all brawl around the ring. Taven tosses Jacobs into the barrier. Lethal attacks Taven and tosses him into the barrier. Lethal punches Jacobs and hits a running dropkicks to Jacob's head. Taven takes Lethal out and tries to attack Jacobs. Jacobs reverses into a dropkick. Jacobs slams Lethal's and Taven's heads together. He slams Taven's head into the apron. Truth tries to take him out. Taven hits Jacobs with a rotation power slam and Lethal sends Taven into the barrier. Lethal sends Taven into the ring.

Lethal keeps the attack up. He whips Taven into the corner and chops him multiple times. Taven backdrops him to the apron and Lethal chops him. Lethal hits Taven with a dropkick from up top, followed by a death valley driver for two. Jacobs leaps off the top rope and tries to take Lethal out, but Lethal kicks him in the gut. Jacobs comes back and takes Lethal up top. He head scissors Lethal off for a two count. Truth distracts Jacobs and Taven hits him with an enziguri. Taven slams Lethal on top of Jacobs.

Taven keeps the attack up on Jacobs. Jacobs comes back and tosses Taven to the outside. Things head back in the ring and Taven chokes Lethal with his boot. Lethal hits both Taven and Jacobs with a DDT (I believe) at the same time. They all get up at the same time and exchange strikes. Taven takes control and kicks everyone. Lethal spins Taven around. Lethal hits a push up neckbreaker on Taven. He goes up top and lands the Hail to the King. Jacobs breaks up the pin attempt.

Jacobs and Taven end up on the floor. Lethal dives and takes Taven out. One of the Hoopla hotties gets into the ring and slaps Lethal. Lethal rips her shirt off. Truth rips the shirt out of Lethal's hand and Jacobs spears Lethal. Truth distracts Jacobs and the other Hoopla hottie stands in between Truth and the Jacobs. The hottie picks up Jacobs and then there are some more technical issues and the rest of the match stream glitches up. Jimmy Jacobs is shown walking to the back, but I believe Taven won.

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