ROH Best In The World Results: Jay Vs. Mark Briscoe, Matt Hardy Vs. Kevin Steen

Winner: Matt Taven

ROH Tag Team Championships
C and C Wrestle Factory vs. Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus vs. reDRagon (c)

C and C attack SCUM. reDRagon sits back and watches. reDRagon starts getting involved in the brawl. SCUM gets tossed outside. reDRagon hit baseball dropkicks on SCUM. They pull the ropes down and Cedric takes them out with dives. reDRagon doubles teams Caprice and then Cedric hits reDRagon from up top. C and C double team O'Reilly with leg drops. Titus hits a dropkick on someone.

Titus and Compton go to work on Caprice. Titus locks in Caprice's left arm. Caprice fights out with gut shots and Titus lands a boot to the chest. Compton comes in and Caprice hits a double dropkick on SCUM. He tags in Cedric and O'Reilly comes in as well. Cedric full nelson slams O'Reilly and Compton tries to interfere. C and C take him out and send him from the ring. Cedric sets O'Reilly on the top rope and C and C hit Overtime. SCUM pull O'Reilly out of the ring.

Cedric hits O'Reilly with a Brainbuster and Fish kicks Cedric in the back of the head. Fish pulls O'Reilly over Cedric for the win.

Winners: reDRagon

Then, a recap of the events leading to Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy is shown.

Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy (with Steve Corino)

Before the match, Corino talks a lot of trash on the crowd. Hardy takes his shirt off and throws it into the crowd and they throw it back.

Steen takes up the mic and says Nigel knows SCUM isn't going to keep their nose out of the match. So he asks Nigel to make it a no DQ match. Nigel agrees.

Steen asks Hardy if his brother is the only one with balls in the family. Hardy rushes him and they start exchanging strikes. Steen punches him into the corner and charges, but Hardy pulls the ref in front of him. Hardy takes Steen's legs out with a dropkick and then goes to work on Steen's leg.

Hardy charges Steen, but Steen counters into a powerbomb. Things go outside and Steen chops Hardy several times. Steen flips off a fan in a CM Punk shirt and then rams Hardy into the barrier. Steen picks up a crutch and the stream glitches up again. Steen takes Hardy around the ring and Hardy reverses. He sends Steen back first into the barrier and slams the back of Steen's head into the barrier. Things head into the ring as Corino runs into the back. He comes back out and tosses a trashcan into the ring. He attacks Steen with it.

Corino comes back down with a ladder as Steen fights back Hardy. Hardy lands a neckbreaker. Hardy lands another neckbreaker. Hardy goes up top and leaps off and Steen rolls out of the way. Steen hits his cannonball senton. He picks the trashcan up and rams it into Hardy's face. He then hits another cannonball senton for a near pin fall. More technical issues.

Cliff Compton hits Steen with a steel chair outside the ring. Hardy rolls Steen into the ring. Hardy sends a ladder into the ring. He hits Steen in the face with it and then throws it on Steen's back. Steen lands a code breaker as Hardy is holding the ladder. Steen lands the F-Cinq for a near pin fall. Steen tries for the package piledriver, but Hardy hits a low blow and side effect onto the ladder for a near pin fall. Compton sends a chair into the ring and Hardy sets it up.

Another chair gets set up and Hardy lands the Twist of Fate onto the chairs for the win.

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