ROH Best In The World Results: Jay Vs. Mark Briscoe, Matt Hardy Vs. Kevin Steen

Winner: Matt Hardy

After the match SCUM attacks Steen. Steen gets a chair driven into his throat and stomped around. SCUM all raise their arms in the ring around Steen.

Then, Larry Mercer is with the Briscoe family. Mercer says it's about to get real ugly and asks Papa Briscoe how he feels. Papa Briscoe says he is right, it's about to get real. He says when you walk down the dark alley, you want to know who has your back and that's family. He says it's about to go down.

ROH World Championship
Jay Briscoe (c) vs. Mark Briscoe

Jay doesn't abide by the Code of Honor. They circle around each other and tie up. Mark shoves Jay off. They circle and tie up again. They chain wrestle and Mark hits a drop toe hold. Jay backs him into the corner. The ref breaks them up. Mark hits a Suplex and then goes to work on Jay's arm. He tries to stomp on it, but Jay moves. More technical issues. Mark hits a snap mare and keeps Jay's head locked in. They exchange reversals.

Mark hits a death valley driver and an uppercut. They tie up and Jay backs Mark into the corner. The ref breaks it up and they tie up again. Mark sends Jay to the outside and lands a drop kick. He goes outside and they exchange strikes and chops. Mark takes control and lands several chops and a headbutt. Mark charges and Jay hits a big boot. Jay breaks the 20 count and goes to follow the attack up, but Mark suplexes him onto the apron. Mark heads inside and hits some redneck kung fu. Jay hits a jab.

Jay hits several more jabs and locks in a front chin lock. More technical issues and Jay is standing over Mark on the mat. He kicks Mark in the corner and drives his boot into Mark's throat. Jay whips Mark into the corner. Mark goes up top and leaps off, but Jay moves. Jay drops Mark's head into the second turnbuckle. Jay goes up top and Mark tries to hit him off. Jay goes for a Superkick. Mark dodges and hits an enziguri. Mark lands a Suplex and then slams Jay to the mat.

Jay bails to the outside for a breather. He starts to pull a table out and Mark gets down to help him. They both set the table up. They exchange forearms and Jay tries to land a bodyslam through the table. Technical issues and they're both laid out on the floor and the table is still whole. Jay rolls Mark into the ring and lands a big boot. Jay lands a huge neck breaker for a near pin fall. Jay kicks Mark in the corner and sets Mark up for the Jay Driller, but Mark fights out. Jay punches Mark in the back of the head and Mark counters with an exploder Suplex.

Mark kicks Jay and puts him up top. Mark flips Jay off the top rope for a near pin fall. Mark stares at the table and sends Jay to the apron. He tries to Suplex Jay, but Jay fights out with headbutts. He picks Mark up on his shoulders and Mark escapes to the ring. Mark hits Jay off the apron and lands a cross body over the top rope. He slams Jay's head into the table and sets him up on it.

More technical issues and they're both in the ring. Mark chops Jay in the neck and hits more redneck kung fu. Mark goes for an enziguri, but Jay swats him away. Jay lands a boot to the head. He goes for another big boot, but Mark lands an enziguri. Mark picks Jay up and lands his inverted death valley driver special for a near pin fall. He sets Jay up top and picks him up on his shoulders. Jay fights out and they exchange head shots. Jay lands a kick to the gut and the Jay Driller for a near pin fall.

Jay lands a huge lariat and hits another Jay Driller for a one count. Jay hits multiple super kicks and another Jay Driller for the win.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

After the match, the Briscoe family gets in the ring and checks on Jay and Mark to end the iPPV.

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