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Best in the World opens with a recap of Jay Briscoe winning the ROH World Title, Jay's challenge to his brother Mark and the build up to their match tonight.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are on commentary for the evening. Kelly talks to Corino briefly about what SCUM has on the line tonight. Kelly says that the Briscoe's family from Sandy Fork is here.

Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob) vs. BJ Whitmer

They immediately start exchanging strikes. Whitmer sends Bennett to the outside and then lands a dive. Bennett whips Whitmer into the barrier, gets up on the apron and lands a leaping clothesline. Bennett rams Whitmer into the barrier and then sends things back inside. Bennett whips Whitmer into the corner and charges, but Whitmer moves. Whitmer lands a series of big chops. Whitmer hits a back breaker for a one count.

Bennett comes back and gets a knee to the mid section. Bennett lands a pair of headbutts to the gut for a two count. Bennett takes Whitmer to the corner and hits a series of chops and strikes. Bennett hits a vertical Suplex. Bennett locks in Whitmer's head on the mat and Whitmer fights to his feet. Bennett lands a dropkick.

Whitmer gets a pair of clotheslines and a powerslam. He hits a flying knee on Bennett in the corner and then a Suplex combo for a near pin fall. Whitmer backdrops Bennett. Brutal Bob swarms the ring, Whitmer tosses him out and Whitmer lands an exploder Suplex for the win.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

After the match, Maria yells to Bennett that it was Bob's fault he lost. Bennett yells at Bob and Maria pulls Bennett away.

The American Wolves vs. ACH and Tadarius Thomas

There was some sort of issue and the first part of this match was cut off. Thomas tries to Suplex Edwards, but Edwards fights him off. Richards comes in and kicks Thomas in the chest. He locks in the trailer hitch on Thomas. Edwards comes in and sends Thomas into the turnbuckle. The Wolves take turns chopping and kicking Thomas. Edwards takes ACH off the apron. Richards snapmares Thomas and locks in a submission.

ACH tries to break it up, but the ref stops him. Richards tries for a German Suplex, but Thomas flips out. He kicks Richards in the head. Edwards and ACH come in. ACH lands a crossbody from up top. Another technical issue. ACH hits a stunner on Edwards. Edwards Superkicks Thomas. The Wolves hit the super kick/German combo on ACH for a near pin fall. Richards kicks ACH multiple times in the corner.

Richards sets ACH up top and ACH headbutts Richards off. Edwards runs and kicks ACH and locks him in super plex position. Thomas tries to fight him off and Edwards hurricanranas him. Richards dropkicks Thomas. Richards tries to Suplex Thomas, who wiggles out. Richards kicks Thomas in the face. The match then jumps (sorry with these issues) to the finish, where Richards put his knees up when ACH tried for a 450 splash and reversed it into a pin for the win.

Winners: The American Wolves

A recap of the feud between Roderick Strong and Adam Cole is then shown.

Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong

They circle each other and tie up. Strong gets backed in the corner. They chain wrestle. Strong hits a snap mare and locks Cole's head in. Cole gets to his feet and backs Strong to the ropes. Strong gets a monkey flip and gets a series of pin attempts. Strong twists Cole's arm around multiple times. Cole battles back with a shot to the head. Cole charges Strong in the corner, but Strong locks Cole in the Tree of Woe.

Strong chops Cole and then hits him in the face. He then locks Cole in a submission where Cole is wrapped around his back. Cole gets out and Strong rolls him up for a two count. Strong chops Cole. Cole lands a knee to the back of the head for a two count. Cole gets a vertical and then locks in a head lock on the mat. Strong battles out and kicks Cole in the elbow. Cole kicks Strong on the apron to the outside and then lands a dive.

Cole sends Strong into the ring and kicks him in the back of the thigh. He goes up top, but Strong hits him and goes up top too. Strong tries for a super plex, but Cole hits him off. He goes for a crossbody, but Strong hits a dropkick. Strong gets a pair of chops and then hits an elbow in one corner, followed by a knee in another corner into a bulldog. Strong drapes Cole across the top rope.

They exchange reversals and Cole hits an enziguri, followed by a shining wizard for a near pin fall. Cole tries to lock in the figure four, but Strong kicks him off. Cole locks in the figure four and Strong gets to the ropes. Cole keeps the attack up. Strong rolls to the apron. Cole tries to Suplex him in the ring, but Strong reverses and brings Cole to the apron. They exchange strikes and Cole super kicks Strong, causing him to fall through a table. Cole goes down by Strong and tries to help him up and get him back in the ring as the ref is counting. Cole drops Strong at the 14 count and rolls back in the ring. The ref gets to 20.

Winner via countout: Adam Cole

Corino follows Cole up the ramp as he is leaving, talking to him.

Next, a recap of the events leading to Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa is shown.

Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa

They shake hands and get in each other's face. They go back and forth with strikes and dodges. They exchange shoulder strikes. Elgin hits a series of headbutts. Elgin tries for his delayed vertical, but Ciampa reverses into a delayed vertical of his own. Ciampa pulls his kneepad down and charges Elgin, but Elgin reverses and locks in a crossface.

Elgin picks Ciampa on his shoulders and tosses him into the corner. Elgin lands a series of clubbing forearms to the back and then lands his delayed vertical. The audience counts to 60. Elgin gets a near pin fall. Elgin locks in a waist lock and Ciampa fights out. He picks Elgin on his shoulders, but Elgin fights out. They both try to clothesline each other several times. Ciampa clotheslines Elgin over the top rope and they both tumble outside.

They exchange chops and strikes on the outside. Ciampa picks Elgin up and rams him into the barrier. The floor mat gets ripped up as they continue to fight outside. Ciampa goes inside and tries for a dive, but Elgin lands an elbow. Elgin suplexes Ciampa onto the exposed floor. Elgin rolls inside as the ref starts the count. Ciampa tries to get in, Elgin goes back outside and Elgin bombs Ciampa into the barrier. He rolls Ciampa inside and goes up top. He hits a corkscrew senton for a near pin fall. Elgin hits the buckle bomb and goes for the Elgin bomb, but Ciampa reverses.

Ciampa hits multiple forearms in the corner, followed by multiple kicks. Ciampa and Elgin end up on the top rope. Ciampa lands a big move, but Elgin kicks out. Elgin backs Ciampa into the corner and charges, but Elgin catches Ciampa and tosses him to the mat. Elgin deadlifts Ciampa up and slams him to the mat. Ciampa goes to the apron. Elgin hits a spinning Backfist and goes up top. He tries for a deadlift superplex, but Ciampa counters into Project Ciampa. He goes for the pin, but Elgin gets his foot on the rope.

Elgin bails to the apron and Ciampa follows. Ciampa keeps the attack up. He goes for Project Ciampa again, but Elgin reverses. Elgin deadlifts Ciampa up and hits the buckle bomb, followed by a sitout powerbomb for a near pin fall. Ciampa locks in a triangle choke. Elgin fights out with another bucklebomb. He goes for another powerbomb, but Ciampa reverses and kicks Elgin in the head for a near pin fall. Elgin lands a back lariat. He hits Ciampa with a series of spinning back fists, followed by a huge clothesline for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin

After the match, Elgin offers to shake Ciampa's hand, which he does.


Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly are now on commentary. They talk about the first half of the PPV, then a recap of how SCUM was added to the TV and Tag Title matches is shown.

ROH Television Championship
Matt Taven (c) with Truth Martini vs. Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy Jacobs

They all brawl around the ring. Taven tosses Jacobs into the barrier. Lethal attacks Taven and tosses him into the barrier. Lethal punches Jacobs and hits a running dropkicks to Jacob's head. Taven takes Lethal out and tries to attack Jacobs. Jacobs reverses into a dropkick. Jacobs slams Lethal's and Taven's heads together. He slams Taven's head into the apron. Truth tries to take him out. Taven hits Jacobs with a rotation power slam and Lethal sends Taven into the barrier. Lethal sends Taven into the ring.

Lethal keeps the attack up. He whips Taven into the corner and chops him multiple times. Taven backdrops him to the apron and Lethal chops him. Lethal hits Taven with a dropkick from up top, followed by a death valley driver for two. Jacobs leaps off the top rope and tries to take Lethal out, but Lethal kicks him in the gut. Jacobs comes back and takes Lethal up top. He head scissors Lethal off for a two count. Truth distracts Jacobs and Taven hits him with an enziguri. Taven slams Lethal on top of Jacobs.

Taven keeps the attack up on Jacobs. Jacobs comes back and tosses Taven to the outside. Things head back in the ring and Taven chokes Lethal with his boot. Lethal hits both Taven and Jacobs with a DDT (I believe) at the same time. They all get up at the same time and exchange strikes. Taven takes control and kicks everyone. Lethal spins Taven around. Lethal hits a push up neckbreaker on Taven. He goes up top and lands the Hail to the King. Jacobs breaks up the pin attempt.

Jacobs and Taven end up on the floor. Lethal dives and takes Taven out. One of the Hoopla hotties gets into the ring and slaps Lethal. Lethal rips her shirt off. Truth rips the shirt out of Lethal's hand and Jacobs spears Lethal. Truth distracts Jacobs and the other Hoopla hottie stands in between Truth and the Jacobs. The hottie picks up Jacobs and then there are some more technical issues and the rest of the match stream glitches up. Jimmy Jacobs is shown walking to the back, but I believe Taven won.

Winner: Matt Taven

ROH Tag Team Championships
C and C Wrestle Factory vs. Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus vs. reDRagon (c)

C and C attack SCUM. reDRagon sits back and watches. reDRagon starts getting involved in the brawl. SCUM gets tossed outside. reDRagon hit baseball dropkicks on SCUM. They pull the ropes down and Cedric takes them out with dives. reDRagon doubles teams Caprice and then Cedric hits reDRagon from up top. C and C double team O'Reilly with leg drops. Titus hits a dropkick on someone.

Titus and Compton go to work on Caprice. Titus locks in Caprice's left arm. Caprice fights out with gut shots and Titus lands a boot to the chest. Compton comes in and Caprice hits a double dropkick on SCUM. He tags in Cedric and O'Reilly comes in as well. Cedric full nelson slams O'Reilly and Compton tries to interfere. C and C take him out and send him from the ring. Cedric sets O'Reilly on the top rope and C and C hit Overtime. SCUM pull O'Reilly out of the ring.

Cedric hits O'Reilly with a Brainbuster and Fish kicks Cedric in the back of the head. Fish pulls O'Reilly over Cedric for the win.

Winners: reDRagon

Then, a recap of the events leading to Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy is shown.

Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy (with Steve Corino)

Before the match, Corino talks a lot of trash on the crowd. Hardy takes his shirt off and throws it into the crowd and they throw it back.

Steen takes up the mic and says Nigel knows SCUM isn't going to keep their nose out of the match. So he asks Nigel to make it a no DQ match. Nigel agrees.

Steen asks Hardy if his brother is the only one with balls in the family. Hardy rushes him and they start exchanging strikes. Steen punches him into the corner and charges, but Hardy pulls the ref in front of him. Hardy takes Steen's legs out with a dropkick and then goes to work on Steen's leg.

Hardy charges Steen, but Steen counters into a powerbomb. Things go outside and Steen chops Hardy several times. Steen flips off a fan in a CM Punk shirt and then rams Hardy into the barrier. Steen picks up a crutch and the stream glitches up again. Steen takes Hardy around the ring and Hardy reverses. He sends Steen back first into the barrier and slams the back of Steen's head into the barrier. Things head into the ring as Corino runs into the back. He comes back out and tosses a trashcan into the ring. He attacks Steen with it.

Corino comes back down with a ladder as Steen fights back Hardy. Hardy lands a neckbreaker. Hardy lands another neckbreaker. Hardy goes up top and leaps off and Steen rolls out of the way. Steen hits his cannonball senton. He picks the trashcan up and rams it into Hardy's face. He then hits another cannonball senton for a near pin fall. More technical issues.

Cliff Compton hits Steen with a steel chair outside the ring. Hardy rolls Steen into the ring. Hardy sends a ladder into the ring. He hits Steen in the face with it and then throws it on Steen's back. Steen lands a code breaker as Hardy is holding the ladder. Steen lands the F-Cinq for a near pin fall. Steen tries for the package piledriver, but Hardy hits a low blow and side effect onto the ladder for a near pin fall. Compton sends a chair into the ring and Hardy sets it up.

Another chair gets set up and Hardy lands the Twist of Fate onto the chairs for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy

After the match SCUM attacks Steen. Steen gets a chair driven into his throat and stomped around. SCUM all raise their arms in the ring around Steen.

Then, Larry Mercer is with the Briscoe family. Mercer says it's about to get real ugly and asks Papa Briscoe how he feels. Papa Briscoe says he is right, it's about to get real. He says when you walk down the dark alley, you want to know who has your back and that's family. He says it's about to go down.

ROH World Championship
Jay Briscoe (c) vs. Mark Briscoe

Jay doesn't abide by the Code of Honor. They circle around each other and tie up. Mark shoves Jay off. They circle and tie up again. They chain wrestle and Mark hits a drop toe hold. Jay backs him into the corner. The ref breaks them up. Mark hits a Suplex and then goes to work on Jay's arm. He tries to stomp on it, but Jay moves. More technical issues. Mark hits a snap mare and keeps Jay's head locked in. They exchange reversals.

Mark hits a death valley driver and an uppercut. They tie up and Jay backs Mark into the corner. The ref breaks it up and they tie up again. Mark sends Jay to the outside and lands a drop kick. He goes outside and they exchange strikes and chops. Mark takes control and lands several chops and a headbutt. Mark charges and Jay hits a big boot. Jay breaks the 20 count and goes to follow the attack up, but Mark suplexes him onto the apron. Mark heads inside and hits some redneck kung fu. Jay hits a jab.

Jay hits several more jabs and locks in a front chin lock. More technical issues and Jay is standing over Mark on the mat. He kicks Mark in the corner and drives his boot into Mark's throat. Jay whips Mark into the corner. Mark goes up top and leaps off, but Jay moves. Jay drops Mark's head into the second turnbuckle. Jay goes up top and Mark tries to hit him off. Jay goes for a Superkick. Mark dodges and hits an enziguri. Mark lands a Suplex and then slams Jay to the mat.

Jay bails to the outside for a breather. He starts to pull a table out and Mark gets down to help him. They both set the table up. They exchange forearms and Jay tries to land a bodyslam through the table. Technical issues and they're both laid out on the floor and the table is still whole. Jay rolls Mark into the ring and lands a big boot. Jay lands a huge neck breaker for a near pin fall. Jay kicks Mark in the corner and sets Mark up for the Jay Driller, but Mark fights out. Jay punches Mark in the back of the head and Mark counters with an exploder Suplex.

Mark kicks Jay and puts him up top. Mark flips Jay off the top rope for a near pin fall. Mark stares at the table and sends Jay to the apron. He tries to Suplex Jay, but Jay fights out with headbutts. He picks Mark up on his shoulders and Mark escapes to the ring. Mark hits Jay off the apron and lands a cross body over the top rope. He slams Jay's head into the table and sets him up on it.

More technical issues and they're both in the ring. Mark chops Jay in the neck and hits more redneck kung fu. Mark goes for an enziguri, but Jay swats him away. Jay lands a boot to the head. He goes for another big boot, but Mark lands an enziguri. Mark picks Jay up and lands his inverted death valley driver special for a near pin fall. He sets Jay up top and picks him up on his shoulders. Jay fights out and they exchange head shots. Jay lands a kick to the gut and the Jay Driller for a near pin fall.

Jay lands a huge lariat and hits another Jay Driller for a one count. Jay hits multiple super kicks and another Jay Driller for the win.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

After the match, the Briscoe family gets in the ring and checks on Jay and Mark to end the iPPV.

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