Here are results for tonight's WWE Smackdown live event in Daytona Beach, FL:

The house was about 70% full, or about 4500 people.

The opening saw local radio DJ Buckethead with a Miz is Awesome contest. The winner is a local mailman.

The opening bout is The Miz vs Curtis Axel. There was a taped Paul Heyman intro. Great opener with decent heat on Axel, and Miz was way over with the crowd. Axel hits his finisher out of nowhere and gets the win. Miz recovers and hits Axel as he celebrates to win back the crowd.

Out comes Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro. They get major heat as Colter claims Jacksonville (wrong town) is full of immigrants. Colter says it's they have an open challenge and no one will accept. 10 seconds go by and Dolph Ziggler hits the ring. Zigler accepts a match later and clotheslines Cesaro out of the ring.

Ted DiBiase vs Heath Slater is next. Crowd is cold to both. Slow paced match with DiBiase getting the win.

Kaitlyn & Layla defeated AJ & Aksana. The match was way over with the crowd. Kaitlyn hit her finisher on Askana to pick up the win.

Sheamus vs Big E Langston was next. Great power bout that saw Langston dominate most of the match with about 5 false finishes until the Brogue Kick ends it for a Sheamus win. Langston showed great improvement and AJ played very little factor in the match. Looks like Big E can carry a match pretty well with a bit more experience.

Khali vs Primo & Epico was next. Khali picked up the win in a squash match that was about 6 minutes long.

Prime Time Players vs The Usos. Top notch match from both teams. The Usos intro is by far the hottest of all entrances tonight. The crowd was smokin hot for this match. Usos used some double team moves and quick in and out tags to get the win. Really impressed with the way they controlled crowd and sold for PTP. PTP did well, but it wasn't their best outing. Darren looked tired in the parking lot during autographs, to the point where someone asked about it.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler is a crowd pick 'em was next. It ended up with a No DQ stip. Great back and forth action. "Get the tables" was an ongoing chant through the match, which Cesaro finally introduced after getting beaten by a kendo stick. Cesaro was later put through a table and Ziggler hit his finisher to get the win.

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton was the main event. I was surprised at how much Orton had to carry a house show match with Barret. This was not Wade's best outing. Orton obviously called the match due to the fact that they were tied up before almost every move. The crowd didn't seem to notice much actually, except a few marks in the crowd that were smart enough to know who was carrying the weight. Orton hit the RKO for the win in 22 minutes and the place erupted.

Notes: Orton and Barrett didn't do autographs beforehand. Neither did Cesaro or Zigler. But for the most part, the rest of the roster did, with Prime Time Players being the most friendly and they stayed out for probably close to a half hour.

Travel partners were: Barrett / Slater, Big E / AJ, Colter was alone, Primo / Epico, Aksana / Layla. From the back it seemed like Mike Rotunda was calling most of what was happening throughout the night. Colter had some input too. Orton was not around until about an hour for his match. But he and Sheamus had their buses parked just outside the lockerroom door, so it wasn't unexpected. NXT put about 8 athletes at a table out front in box office area for signatures throughout the night. Steady line until the car got to PTP/Uso's.

Overall not a bad night for WWE in Daytona Beach. It wasn't Bash at the Beach and the world turns overnight with a Hogan swerve, but solid house show.

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