Source: Big Wrestle Shark Show

TNA British Bootcamp contestant "Party" Marty Scurll was interviewed by the Big WrestleShark Show this past Saturday during an appearance for British Championship Wrestling. Here are some highlights, the full interview is available at this link or under WrestleShark on iTunes.

How he became involved with the British Bootcamp: "I think I had been under TNA's radar for a few years. The year before I did the UK tour with them I had a try out in Nottingham, I had spoken to them a few times and had been speaking to Jeff Jarrett for quite a while. So then they had this idea for a show and I was one of the first guys they called to do it. It was a great experience, and then doing the UK tourů just getting ready and Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are getting changed right beside you, these are guys I idolised and suddenly to be wrestling on the same bill as them was really strange, very bizarre! It was a fantastic opportunity, I'm really greatful for itůI have nothing bad to say about them. It was like a dream come true."

The experience of the Bootcamp itself: "It was fun. I wouldn't necessarily be a fan of reality TV but I've always been intruiged by it because I studied media. I was always intruiged by how it must be great for TV companies because it's so cheap to make and gets so many viewers and always thought it would be a good crossover with wrestling, especially with all the crazy stuff that goes on that the paying customers don't get to see. I thought it was really good, it hadn't been done before: it was quite revolutionary, I actually don't think it gets enough credit for what it did. A very exciting time."

The dynamic between contestants: "[Laughs] Well me and Spud didn't get onů the girls were cool. We were all very individual, I mean Spud is very different to me, the girls were very different from me, we're all very different people. But we all learned to get along in most cases, I guess we were like a little family because we spent so much time together. I mean, people have brothers that they hate but they spend so much time together they kind of have that bond. Obviously there was the producer and the cameramen there as well who you get to know, it was all very cool."

Plans for the future: "Really I just want to get myself a contract somewhere and start making good money from pro-wrestling, get my name out there and known to the masses. I mean it's all very well wrestling on the indies and stuff but if I wanna be one of the best in the world then I need to get in there with the best in the world.

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