Eric Young Talks Kurt Angle In HOF, His Beard, 'Off The Hook,' His TNA Travel Schedule, More

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TNA going on the road for live IMPACT Wrestling shows: "Well, it's the right decision. I can remember being an independent wrestler and living in Canada and driving all over the place when TNA first started; all of the boys talking about it and 'Oh, they're paying this guy this' and 'Oh, they resigned this guy'. You'd read online, and hear guys talk backstage and talk to fans and hear 'Oh, TNA won't make it' or 'Oh they're bankrupt' blah blah blah. Well, fast forward to 10 years later and we're still there. We're seen in over 120 countries around the world, millions of viewers every week, 125+ hours of original content on Spike Television every year , DVD sales, merchandise sales, killer numbers in the UK. This is a legitimate wrestling company and they made the right decisions; you're never going to keep everyone happy, that's the blade you fall on when you're in entertainment. You can't impress everyone, it's impossible. 50% of the people are going to like it and the other 50% won't like it, it's just the way it is.

"Even when WWF and WCW were murdering in the numbers, I remember hearing the exact same debate; like 'Oh, why doesn't thins guy get more TV time' and 'oh, the older guys'. TNA is making the right decisions and they're making them at the right times and this is defiantly the right decision. Taping the shows in Orlando was great, and it was great for the company and helped it to grow, but that has passed by and it's time to go on the road and that's what they did. It's the right decision and its super fun being in front of big crowds with live television and in front of new crowds, fresh crowds all over North America. So, it's super exciting for guys on the show, for the guys in the office and I think also for the fans at home."

His thoughts on ODB and her current role as the Knockouts referee: "As a referee, she's the best; I would rather look at her than Earl Hebner any day of the week! I love Earl Hebner, but ODB is much easier to look at. She's amazing; she's one of my real good friends in wrestling. The number one thing I can say about her is she understands wrestling as good as if not better than any girl than I've ever met and she thinks it like a guy almost. She knows who she is and she's comfortable with that and that's way she's so popular. I mean, I can't wrestle a singles match without people chanting her name. That's a testament to her and her skill and how good she really is. She's awesome to work with, a pro and the chemistry me and her have; it's just so much fun being around her and working on television with her and being around her backstage, it's awesome. I wouldn't change it for anything."

His responsibility on starting 'BeardGate' within TNA and the inspiration for his beard: "I'm definitely not the first person to grow a beard; I'm not the first person to have a beard in pro wrestling, but beards are, when I grew my beard about 3-3 1/2 years ago, very few people had beard s; I don't think anyone in pro wrestling had a big beard and right now, in TNA, it appears to be a bit of an epidemic. But, there's still only, you always remember your first, or however you want to put it but I was the pioneer and copying is the, oh how is that saying, copying is the highest form of flattery, I don't know. Beards are cool and I don't blame the guys from growing them, that's for sure.

"Brian Wilson is like the messiah of beards, you know; that's like another level altogether. Josh Reddick's was cool, at that time he made them look cool. Part of my beard inspiration was from Opie, the character Opie from 'Sons of Anarchy'; I ride a Harley, I've always been into motorcycles. I'm definitely not in a gang, I'm not tough enough to be in a motorcycle gang, but I do ride Harleys and I am fascinated with that kind of culture and 'Sons of Anarchy' is one of my favorite shows. He (Ryan Hurst as 'Opie') is a fantastic actor and I thought his beard looked cool and that was part of it. The Nashville Predators were in the playoffs that year, I live in Nashville and they're my hockey team, so one thing lead to another and I had a playoff beard and I still have it.

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