Eric Young Talks Kurt Angle In HOF, His Beard, 'Off The Hook,' His TNA Travel Schedule, More

Source: The Rack

"Every day (years ago), I remember Dixie asking me and some of the other guys asking me 'So, what's going on with the beard?' I had the TV Belt and I think I was carrying around the old World Title at the time, and I told them, 'When you're a champion, every day is the playoffs.' So, that was the start of the beard and I still have it and people on the show love it; it's part of my persona and it's not going anywhere. I see old pictures and I wonder what took me so long to grow it, that's for sure."

On Kurt Angle being named to the TNA Hall of Fame: "Kurt Angle's been in the Hall of Fame since the first year he was in wrestling, if you ask me. He's a bit of an enigma to me; he's a guy that didn't watch it growing up and really didn't know anything about it when he got into it after the Olympics. He signed a deal with the WWE and they took a chance on him; they didn't know if he was going to be good, they just signed him because he was a gold medalist, he was a wrestler, he was in good shape and an amazing athlete but they had nothing to base that on, nothing at all. He's one of the best of all time and he's definitely one of the best right now in the business. He's a great guy and funny. It's frustrating; you're not allowed to be good at everything, me and him talk sometimes and it can be frustrating because he can be so good at everything he does, like he's funny and athletic and smart; it's nuts, it's crazy how good he is. In my mind, she'd been in the Hall of Fame since a long time ago; you're not jumping the gun, you're just doing that inevitably going to happen so you might as well just put him in there and then we can get on with our lives.

"Like I said, like a guy that's only been around wrestling; I've been wrestling for now will be the start of 16 years, and I think he's got about the same amount of time, but he's had about 10x the amount of matches I have had and he's obviously done it at a high level for 16 years rather than he didn't do independents and stuff like that because he didn't need to. He understand wrestling almost as good as anyone I've ever met. He just know what everyone wants to see; he knows how to tell a story, when to pick it up and when to slow it down, when to be funny and when to be serious and when to do everything. He's a super genius when it comes to pro wrestling, it's crazy."

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