Another Detailed Report Of Last Night's WWE Live Event In GA: Ziggler Vs. Cesaro, Orton Vs. Barrett

Fan votes were in with 90/10 for the NO DQ match (which went hardcore) over a 2 out of 3 falls (which I voted for) for Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro. Good back and forth for 5 minutes and then the kendo sticks came out, followed by 2 chairs, and then a table. Nearly had a superplex by Antonio before Ziggler reversed it into a powerbomb through a table, laying Antonio out. After the match, Dolph had three good cuts on his back and a "popknot" from torpedoing a corner mounted chair.

The sweep team was not even finished with the ring before Wade Barret came down and did some mic work, recalling his main event status a couple of years ago. He felt besmirched being dropped down to "local circus" status. Sweep teams were still cleaning the table debris when Randy Orton came down, who even pointed out trash to the ref when he was checked for objects. Great tough man match, with Orton getting the win. Randy was truly the classiest man of the night doing a round of photos and autographs, one of which sits next to my Enos (Dukes of Hazzard) signature.

Overall 9/10 show for the night, although it felt kinda rushed. But it was a solid 3 hours with just a 10 minute break.

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