Matt Striker Talks WWE Release, If He Saw It Coming, Why He Was Let Go, His Future, Edge, More

His chemistry with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary: "Well at first I think the direction was for me to spike the drink. Get out there and do your thing. Take over damn it. And then slowly but surely it's almost like the teenager that talks back to his parents after a while and then when he's 30 he comes back home and says Mom, Dad; you were right. I tried too hard to be what I thought was good and cool. And I keep going back to this. Again. NO ONE CARES ABOUT KEN PATERA. And it has no bearing on what's going on here. And guys like Jerry Lawler, who have been doing this for 20 years, would try to sit me down and teach me. Listen. Speak in shorter sentences. Speak in sound bytes. Tell me stories. Make these Superstars on television. Make them three-dimensional. Make people care about them. But always remember who our viewers are. I was talking to guys like you. And people that listen to your show (Busted Open). But they are talking to the little kid wearing the John Cena shirt. And that was my fault and my disconnect for not being able to reach that fan base. In my opinion."

If the WWE used him to his full potential: "I think that it's not for us to say what the full potential was. If the creative forces at WWE saw me as an annoying teacher who at some point gets his head taken off with a John Cena clothesline and that's gonna help sell tickets for people to see John Cena face Ryback next week, then I am being used to my full potential. Was anyone going to believe me as the guy that could beat John Cena? If you saw John and I at a bar, would you really think that I could beat up John Cena? No. But you say the same thing about a guy like CM Punk. But then Punk gets on a microphone and damn it if you don't believe everything that Phil says. Everything he says, he believes."

What's next for him: "Well I'm thankful that I have a lot of offers. I'm definitely going to explore the commercial, voice-over, hosting world. I also would like to somehow maybe get involved in sports. Maybe do some stunt work for some films. That is something that I always wanted to get involved in. I have some contacts for that. And if nothing else, I go back to my dad, who told me just do me a favor and go get your teaching degree that way if you blow your knee out tomorrow, you can always work. September's coming around. There are six major universities within 20 miles of where I live. So I can get a job at a college, try and get a job at a high school. I'm thankful the WWE for what they taught me and now it's my turn to go out onto the Indys when it is appropriate. And hopefully teach the new young guys that are coming up because somebody once did that for me. And if I can see one of these Indy guys on the WWE program one day, maybe I've done my service and contributed to the business."

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