WWE NXT Recap: New Challenger For Bo Dallas, Ohno And Graves Vs. Dylan And Dawson, More

Back from commercial and Dawson hits Graves with a leg drop and then an elbow. Dylan comes in and kicks Graves. He hits a forearm to the back and then locks in a headlock on Graves. He knees Graves in the gut and Dawson comes in. He hits Graves with an upper cut for a two count. Graves lands a jaw breaker and Ohno comes in. He strikes Dawson several times, hits a body slam and then a senton. He dropkicks Dawson.

Ohno takes Dawson to the ropes and Dylan tags himself in. Dawson lands a spine buster and Dylan hits a sitting double axe handle from up top, but Graves breaks up the pin attempt. Dylan punches Ohno in the head multiple times. Dawson comes in and kicks Ohno. He hits an elbow drop. Dawson lands a clothesline for a near pin fall. Dylan comes in. He wrenches Ohno's head on the mat. Ohno fights out via strikes to the head.

Ohno keeps trying to tag in Graves, but Dylan pulls him back. Ohno fights away and tags in Graves. He lands multiple strikes on Dylan. Graves hits a leaping knee to the head. He whips Dylan in the corner and ties him up in the ropes. He strikes Dylan several times. Graves hits a back breaker and Dawson breaks up the pin attempt. Ohno hits him out of the ring. Graves takes Dylan's knee out and locks in the 13th Step submission. Dylan taps.

Winners and number one contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships: Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno

After the match the Wyatt Family charges the ring and everyone starts brawling. Harper takes on Graves and Rowan and Wyatt double team Ohno. Adrian Neville runs out and takes the Wyatt's out with forearms. He goes up top for the corkscrew shooting star press on Harper, but Dylan and Dawson shove him off. Dylan and Dawson start helping the Wyatt Family. William Regal gets off commentary and runs down to help Ohno, Graves and Neville, but is quickly overcome by the Wyatt Family and Dylan and Dawson.

Wyatt hits Regal with a body avalanche. Sylvester LeFort, Dylan and Dawson get out of the ring and the Wyatt Family start beating Regal down again (Graves, Ohno and Neville are nowhere to be seen). The Wyatt Family leaves the ring and heads up the ramp to end the show.

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