TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell recently spoke with Thomas Alxexander of Zoo Magazine. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Proving herself as a wrestler: "It has been real tough for me. I think when a female comes in from the modelling world a lot automatically think you are just a model and not a wrestler. I want to give people a good reason for getting behind me, my passion is wrestling."

Making the transition into wrestling: "I was always an athlete in high school and college. In college, I did powerlifting and cheerleading. Modelling was something I just fell into. I wanted to do something athletic, so in wrestling I could pretty much be an athletic model."

Her worst injury: "Once I broke my arm wrestling a match. My humerus bone actually snapped in half. That was the worst and it wasn't fun! Thankfully nothing else has happened. Just bumps and bruises. All minor things so far in my stunt work."

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