George 'The Animal' Steele Talks Being Upset With WrestleMania III, Randy Savage, Vince, His Gimmick

If it was the right time to turn him face in the mid '80s: "I'm not sure. I hear that all the time. I'm not sure if I ever really was a face. I mean I kept doing crazy things. Throwing the chairs in the ring, and getting disqualified and yada yada yada. I just did it in a matter where people felt sorry for me. And here's the funny thing now. George Steele got me, Jim Meyers, in a lot of trouble. We were driving up, this is later on. I call it the cartoon George. We're driving up to a show in California. My wife is driving. Four or five kids of eight or nine years old and kids used to see me as one of them, when I was doing that character. These kids come running up, 'George! George!' and then they looked at my wife and said 'Is that your mother?' Now we got trouble. My wife doesn't like that at all. And then it got to the point where--I lived across the street from where I coached. The football field. So if all the legends of --the coach. Everyone knew who the coach was back there--Jim Meyers. Kids would come after I started doing the TV stuff and the cartoon character, would come to the door and 'George! George! Can George come out and play?' Right across the street from where I coached! So the kids really bought into it, the young kids really. I used to walk into arenas and they say don't touch the chairs. You'll get dq'ed. And I'd tell myself I have 6 year olds coaching me."

How over the top Randy Savage was about the Miss Elizabeth storyline: "Well yeah he did but I think I made that pretty clear in the book. I recognize Randy as a pro. We worked almost every night for two years. So we had our spats, it's a marriage. Every marriage has some spats. And again it was at the right time. Randy was the new era coming in. I'm the old school leaving. And that's really what made it work. And Randy the first time ever we were gonna work each other, came up with about five pages written out of a match. Now I told you earlier I call everything in the ring. First of all, for him to give me that and tell me this is what we're gonna do, I thought it was disrespectful. Cause I've been there, I've done it. You're a new kid on the block, son. So that's how I felt about it. So I took each page, I read it and threw it in the garbage can. He saw me do that and he was like hey! Hey! The more I did it, the madder he got. And then I said to him just listen to me in the ring, I'll call it in the ring, and we'll have a great match. And that didn't sit real well with him. But that's the way it was. Later on as two years go, we did a lot of things the same. The same things but maybe a different time in the match. It was never choreographed. He was very, very jealous about Elizabeth. So that made it work. I would look at--he would be saying something and I would say to him you know relax, randy. I got a daughter over there. And then as he would leave to go to the ring I'd say I have a great presence of these young brawds around here. Just to get him fired up again. I played with him a little bit. He was really fired up for it. Really fired up. I hated to see the divorce and all that happened to Elizabeth. That was terrible. But both of them were a huge part of what I call my swan's song. My run with Randy was really the end of my wrestling career. We had a little bit of a run after that, but basically that's what people remember. That's what I remember."

If Randy Savage/ Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania III is one of the greatest matches of all-time: "You're talking to the wrong guy. I'll tell you why. I lived about 18 miles from the Silverdome. Do you think for one second that George "The Animal" Steele at that big event wanted to be standing in somebody's corner? No way, Jose. I wanted to be--I wanted to have a match. I didn't care with who. It could've been with Vince. I didn't care but I'd rather have been in a match than standing in a corner in my backyard. Does that make sense? So now when I watch the match. They had been talking this match for three weeks. I was sick of it. Because I don't talk matches. It was probably the greatest match of all time for the fans. The only thing I liked about the match I got to stand across the ring and look at Elizabeth. People are always asking me why I was so smitten over Elizabeth. Its very simple. I've been married to my wife for 58 years. She is a beauty and she's wonderful and she does not like to do windows. I was trying to get a window washer."

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