Thanks to reader Whickerf for sending in these results for last night's TNA live event in Ottumwa, IA:

Just got back from the TNA House show in Ottumwa, Iowa. Not a bad show considering...

When they started promoting the event, the four main stars advertised were Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Velvet Sky and Bobby Roode. Bully Ray and Velvet Sky NO-SHOWED. BOO! I couldn't afford tickets this year, so luckily I won some off of a local radio station. Nosebleed section, but that didn't matter. The place was maybe half full with empty seats everywhere, so we moved up. They actually gave away a ton of front row seats and backstage passes. On with the results...

* Samoa Joe defeated Bobby Roode with the submission. AWESOME MATCH! Plenty of near-falls, a good 15-minute encounter. Bobby Roode is awesome.

* Next was Mickie vs. Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts Championship. Mickie plugged the ladder match in Vegas and ran Taryn down. I LOVED having Mickie back to her Psycho gimmick (a 'la Trish Stratus). Mickie wins with a counter from a diving cross-body.

* Bound For Glory Series match next with Magnus vs. Hernandez. Hernandez played the heel in this one. Good back and forth match with Magnus picking up the win.

Intermission. They let the backstage pass winners line up by a door. I go to get a beer, and through an open door I see Jeff Hardy signing autographs. I got a few pics FOR FREE.

* Bad Influence vs. James Storm and Gunner next. They announced that Hulk Hogan called in and made it a 2-out-of-3-falls match. This match was L-O-N-G and full of comedy (I assume they needed to stretch since they had two no-shows). James Storm toasted my beer on the way to the ring (MARKED!). They really pushed Gunner here, he got almost all of the hot tags and high spots. Gunner's legs are HUGE! Storm and Gunner win with a Storm Superkick on Daniels. After the match, Storm took a drink from my beer (I MARKED again!)

* Main Event is next with Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson. Right after the start, Devon appears and gets Anderson DQ'd. They announced that it is now a 3-way match. Hardy won with the Twist of Fate. Afterwords, we paid $20 to get our pic taken with Jeff in the ring.

All in all, it was a good house show, but NO WAY did they make any money. Poor attendance. It's a shame, the WRESTLING was awesome, but the trying to sell everything got old really quick.

Gunner has so much potential, just a matter of time! Joe-Roode was match of the night. Had a good time, and will be back!

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