WWE SmackDown Results: Kane Vs. Randy Orton, Dublin Street Fight, Fiesta Del Rio, The Shield

- Justin Gabriel is in the ring as he awaits Ryback. Cole makes sure to remind us every time we see him that Gabriel is a "trill-seeker."

Ryback vs. Justin Gabriel

Gabriel tries to get things moving but Ryback uses his power to keep him grounded. Ryback gets one leg hung up on the top rope and Gabriel takes advantage with kicks to the other leg. Gabriel continues the punishment as Ryback writhes on the floor. Ryback powers Gabriel up for Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner by pin: Ryback

Chris Jericho's music hits immediately and he comes out to cut a promo on Ryback. He calls him a moaner, a bi*cher, a complainer, a baker, a butcher... He calls him "CryBack." Jericho starts a chant. (So if the Goldberg chants weren't enough, they just painted him with something that will follow him the rest of his career. 'Way to create stars WWE!) Jericho charges the ring and they trade shots. Jericho goes to the injured leg and tries to apply the Walls but Ryback escapes and limps up the ramp.

- WWE 2K14 cover segment from RAW is shown.

- Another Wyatt Family vignette runs.

- Back from a commercial. The Shield makes their entrance. Christian makes his entrance followed by The Usos.

The Shield vs. The Usos & Christian

Jey Uso starts off with Roman Reigns. They spill to the floor and all 6 men have a stand-off at ringside as we go to break.

Reigns is all over Jey in the ring as we return to action. Jey creates space and they both tag out. Christian and Dean Ambrose mix it up. Christian comes off the top with a crossbody but Ambrose rolls through for 2. Christian hits a tornado DDT from up top but Reigns breaks the count. Things break down with bodies flying. Seth Rollins launches himself onto The Usos on the floor. Christian hits a spear to Ambrose in the ring for the upset win.

Winners by pin: The Usos & Christian

- It's time for Fiesta Del Rio. There are balloons, a table with chips and dip, sombreros, and a Mariachi band in the ring with Ricardo. The piñata of a donkey has been lowered and has a picture of Dolph Ziggler taped to it. Ricardo makes fun of the South Carolina crowd's accents and introduces Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio cuts a promo about how great he is. He switches to only speaking Spanish as the fans chant, "USA." Del Rio goes on for about 4 minutes and unfortunately, my Spanish isn't good. Del Rio tells Ricardo to begin the games. Del Rio removes his jacket and hits the piñata twice to make it split and drop. Del Rio says what he did is like when he based in Ziggler's brains and he will do it again. He says he is OUR world champion.

Del Rio says Ziggler was going to ruin his fiesta and asks Ziggler where he is. Ziggler's music hits and he appears on the ramp. Ziggler removes his watch and jacket and slowly walks down the ramp. Ziggler charges the ring and ducks a shot from the piñata stick by Del Rio and takes down the champ. Ricardo tries to get involved but Ziggler tosses him out of the ring. Del Rio and Ziggler mix it up in the ring. Ricardo goes up top and Ziggler slams him down onto the table. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag to Del Rio and takes off his shirt. Ziggler grabs a Mariachi guitar from the corner and goes to hit Del Rio in the head but he escapes.

Ziggler chooses the next best thing and swings hard at Ricardo, hitting him in the back with the guitar. Ziggler puts on a sombrero and celebrates with the band at the base of the ramp as red, white, and green balloons falls from the rafters.

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