This past Smackdown hailed from South Carolina. It featured a Dublin Street fight in the continued rivalry of Sheamus and Damien Sandow, more development of Daniel Bryan and the Fiesta Del Rio World Heavyweight Championship celebration.

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow was a good match, and a great way to open the show. These two have formed a pretty good rivalry over the past few weeks, and their matches show that they work well together. This feud would have been much better if Sandow would have gained at least one victory. It would have extended it longer, as well as boost the current status of Sandow. On a side not, nice Fit Finlay reference by JBL.

The MizTV segment was good way to further develop the feud between him and Curtis Axel. Being a former WWE Champion, Miz is a good choice for Axel to stay relevant in the midcard scene. Axel gained the advantage at the end of the segment, which probably is an omen to best describe this feud in general. Miz will just be used to put Axel over.

Natalya vs AJ was a decent match, and I am very happy that Natalya got the victory no matter how it was gained. I continue to say, Natalya is the best Diva on the roster, and it is shame that she is not one of the top contenders for the title. As far as the Kaitlyn impersonationóweird.

Randy Orton vs. Kane was pretty predictable. Sadly, as intimidating as Kane should be portrayed, he is far from that now. It has gotten to the point that nearly any match that Kane wins is considered an upset, and this certainly should not be the case. Moreover, Randy Orton losing on two shows in the same week is nearly impossible, so the writing was on the wall from the very beginning.

Ryback defeating Justin Gabriel was well-predicted, and the interference by Chris Jericho was most likely the first of the beginning of a game of one-upsmanship. It just baffles me how Ryback defeating Jericho at Money in the Bank (which will most likely happen) will do anything to help his career. Jericho is a consummate professional, and my personal favorite, but his win-loss record is not that impressive to really put someone over. Don't believe me? Ask Fandango, John Morrison, and Evan Bourne.

Very surprised that The Shield took another clean loss on SmackDown. Both Christian and the Usos are great competitors, but it just goes to show how their stock is slightly diminishing by losing to them after being so dominant and defeating eight world champions.

The Fiesta Del Rio segment was nothing exciting, and it was simply used as a way to continue the build-up for their match at MITB. I must be honest, though. So far, Dolph Ziggler is just not cutting it as a babyface. He just looks so out of place, and looks so comfortable as a heel. The real question still remainsówill he change his Twitter handle to @faceziggler?

Sound off with your thoughts about Ziggler being a babyface below.

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