Bully Ray On Hulk Hogan Having One More Match, Why Matt Morgan Isn't More Successful, MEM

On Bully not looking like the type of guy who would put other wrestlers over: "Well I'm honest, that's the thing. People think just because I'm a BMF and cause I'm intimidating and cause I'm a bully and all that stuff that I'm not gonna be honest. I'm very honest about guys. You give me—you throw me out a name and I'll give you my honest opinion how I feel about them as a performer or an entertainer. Chris Sabin—you gotta give a guy credit. Yeah, little history question for you. How many people have kicked out of the Dudley Death Drop? One. Sabin has. Name me one other tag team finishing move or single's finishing move for that matter that has only been kicked out of one time. (Silence) There ya go; you gotta give the guy credit. Ok, that move won me and Devon 23 world tag team titles and he's the only guy that ever kicked out of it. What am I gonna do? Tell him he's a piece of crap? Sabin is a phenomenal talent. And every—I truly believe that every division in TNA is superior to any other division in any other company. I really believe it has the best talent roster, pool out there."

His feelings on Matt Morgan: "Well, let me ask you this. You were the guys that put wrestling under the microscope on a weekly basis, ok? You're fans; you're analysts of the industry. Tell me why Matt Morgan after how many years now? Over ten years in the business? Long time in the business, you tell me your opinion why he has not gotten farther. Give me a one word answer. Hey, how many times in sports do we see a quality athlete or a quality team who just can't win the big one? Maybe that's him. Maybe he's really, really good but just can't get to that next level where he could become a world champion. Or become the "It" guy for a company. I mean, yeah, you look at him, seven feet tall, super impressive body. Hell, if I had Matt Morgan's body my entire career; I'd be making 10 million dollars a year right now. I don't know. I'm not in his brain. I don't know what makes Matt Morgan operate. Definitely has all the tools, not quite sure why he has not gotten farther. I mean he stole Hulk Hogan's cape. You think that would have lit a fire under Hulk Hogan's ass. But maybe screwing his daughter maybe lit more of a fire under his ass. So there you go. One guy steals the cape; I have sex with his daughter. There you go. But those are the things that maybe are, maybe held him back. Maybe he needs to do something with a little bit more substance. Maybe he has to get himself noticed a little bit more. Everything is there. He has a god-like physique. He's got it all. I'm not quite sure either way."

If there are guys in the locker room that he thinks if they push a little harder will get to the next level: "Well the guy that I think can take it to the next level, the guy that I've been pretty supportive of, is Magnus. Cause I look at Magnus in the same way that, you know like a Matt Morgan. Physique, he has the look. Magnus, he can talk. He's very physical in the ring. And it's just gonna take the right things to click for it to happen with him. I mean, when you look at Magnus right now he has like the, he is the poster boy for what a pro wrestler in 2013 should look like. Natural physique, looks good, he's got all the tools. Hopefully he can go far with it. And there are plenty of guys in the industry who, you know probably could have gotten a lot farther in their career if they would have just worked harder and not just sat around and accepted mediocrity."

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