Bully Ray On Hulk Hogan Having One More Match, Why Matt Morgan Isn't More Successful, MEM

If Crimson fits into that category with Magnus: "Yes. Crimson, another guy with a great look. Crimson needs to get over some of his mental fears in the ring. He's still very young in the ring. So sometimes you get in that ring and your mind gets the best of you. And it starts racing. And you might be one step ahead of yourself. I believe that is one of Crimson's problems right at this very moment that I foresee him overcoming. And being able to do something real in the industry. Guys, when you're young and you first get in that wrestling ring, it's not easy. You know you have to be a Jedi knight in there. You have to calm down. Like you said, they gotta let the game come to them. Now Crimson, yes. Has to let the game come to him. Matt Morgan, been around a long time, he's gotta go take the game. Because, listen. Years going on, not getting any younger. You have to go take the game. How did a guy at 39 years old, who has been part of one of the most recognizable tag teams in the entire history of the business, lose a hundred pounds, reinvent his body, his persona, his everything and become a world heavyweight champion? Do you think I sat there and waited for the game to come to me? No. I took the game by the balls."

His feelings on the Bound for Glory series in general and if he thinks it takes away from feuds: "Feuds will always be there. Feuds are what make pro wrestling. I like the Bound for Glory series. I like the idea of a tournament. I like when there's points on the line. And I like having to fight for the goal of the world heavyweight championship because at the end of the day, the world heavyweight championship or any other respected championships in a company should be the most important thing. So I have always enjoyed this series. I think it's something that makes TNA different. I actually think they should add a stip to the Bound for Glory series. And I'm going to pull this from soccer. From like the Premier league or the Italian league. I think whoever finishes in last in the Bound for Glory series should be relegated. And should have to be sent down to TNA's developmental territory. Or should have to be not be on TV for 90 days or whatever it is. So that even—so no matter who wins gets the world title shot but even on that last day, guys would be fighting for last place. So I like the whole idea of the Bound for Glory series and I also like the fact that it puts credibility back into the wrestling part of our industry."

How the BFG series being so long throws back to old school wrestling: "Sure. And an old school wrestling mentality is best when stories play out and feuds play out and a tournament plays out for a long period of time. A slow burn. Slow and steady wins the race. So I'm thoroughly in favored and I think coming out of the Bound for Glory series, you'll probably see new feuds heat up from what goes down in the tournament. I think it makes TNA unique to any other brand out there. And at this stage of the game TNA needs to do whatever they can do to make themselves different. I think the past two years have been very interesting. I think I've been in the final the past two years. So I figure if I can't just win the damn thing, I might as well just pull the wool over everybody's eyes, fool the whole world and screw 'em out of it. So…that worked."

If Hulk Hogan will be fit enough for one more match in a couple of months: "Absolutely. See you guys don't see what I see and you don't know what I know. Listen, like I say I'm always honest. At the end of the day, if you don't think Hulk Hogan has at least one match left in him, you're fooling yourselves. Hulk Hogan is a very tough man. He's been around this industry for a long time. He's gonna save it all up for one more match. Who knows? That one more match may be against me, it might not. I don't know. But he's got one more in him. And I don't care what anybody says whether it's the extremely smart fans or the novice fans. In some way, shape or form, everybody wants to see Hulk Hogan one last time. Even if it's the morbid curiosity of will he take a step in the ring and his knees will blow out? You wanna see it one more time. Maybe you don't want to see it against me and that's fine. But you're gonna wanna see it one more time. What is he supposed to do? What is Hulk Hogan supposed to do? Just ride off into the sunset and not have one last moment in the middle of a ring? He deserves it . And the fans should be more appreciative of the fact that he wants to have one more match. Do you think that Sting was actually gonna step in there with me, not ready to go? And did you not think that I was gonna bring it to Sting so hard that he would be forced to up his game? That's the thing. Once that bell rings and you're standing across from me, you might have that moment where you go 'oh s--t.' No matter what, he's going to bring it to me and I better up my game. I better become the Sting of old. I better become the Hulk Hogan of old. Otherwise this guy is gonna eat my guts. And that's what I'm gonna do."

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