Bully Ray On Hulk Hogan Having One More Match, Why Matt Morgan Isn't More Successful, MEM

Where did the idea to cut open the ring at Slammiversary came from: "My idea. That's one of those cool visuals that I've been saving for the right time. A wrestling ring is no joke. It's just like bumping on, falling down on concrete. It's a canvas with a bout an inch of padding and then those hard wooden beams. And steel underneath there. The one thing that I was most proud of when it came to that visual was it had never been done before. And finding things in pro wrestling in 2013 that have never been done before is very hard to do. I mean Tazz and Bigelow back in '97 going through the middle of the ring. Innovative. They were the first to do it, make no mistake. All of things that you see, have seen over the past 10 years, ECW had done it first. And this one is one that I've been saving for the right time. And the thing that I really enjoyed about me and Sting's match was the piledriver. Putting the credibility on the one move that had been barred more than any other move, you know in the history of pro wrestling. Sting told me he was gonna try to break my arm and break my leg. And I said I'm not going to try that to you, I'm gonna break your neck. And the idea of the piledriver is because of my affinity for Terry Funk. And I'll never forget the day Funk piledrove Flair through a table. Which is technically, I believe, and I think you can find other examples, it might even be Kevin Sullivan, but that time was the first time you ever saw a table come into play. Although I do think Kevin Sullivan used tables back down in Florida before that."

The state of tag team divisions today: Unfortunately tag team wrestling no matter where you look in the world is, as I've said before, it's becoming extinct. I actually feel kind of bad about it because I don't think it should've ever had happened. I understand kind of why it happened. I've said it before we live in a very selfish era. And wrestlers are selfish and I don't think there are guys who are willing to share the spotlight anymore with another guy. I think guys just wanna hog it all for themselves. One of the things that made me and Devon so successful were, we were very comfortable sharing the spotlight. We knew that we were worth more together than we were apart. And a lot of guys can't co-exist that way. And how do you go into a company? Do you go into TNA or WWE as a team? I mean I don't even think you can step foot into the WWE door saying 'Hey we're coming in as a team' without them going no you're not. Hopefully it'll turn around one day.

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