Zack Ryder vs. Wade Barrett

They tie up and shove each other around the ring. They back off each other and chain wrestle for a few moments. Ryder hits an arm drag and goes to work on Barrett's arm. Barrett counters by slamming Ryder's head into the turnbuckle. He whips Ryder and charges, but Ryder leaps into the air. Ryder hits another arm drag and then goes back to work on Barrett's arm. Barrett fights out with a back elbow. He punches Ryder in the gut and head. Ryder fights back with head strikes. Barrett gets a shoulder knockdown. Ryder lands a flapjack, followed by a dropkick. Barrett rolls outside and Ryder kicks him through the ropes as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Barrett is in control. He whips Ryder. Ryder counters with a flying clothesline. Ryder hits a back elbow and goes up top. Barrett kicks him to the outside from up top via a big boot. He goes outside and rams Ryder into the apron. He tosses Ryder inside for a two count. Barrett then locks in a chin lock on Ryder. Ryder fights to his feet and gets out via strikes to the body and head. Barrett gets a mule kick. He keeps the attack up on Ryder.

Barrett sets Ryder on top rope in the corner and delivers body shots. He then kicks Ryder in the midsection and he falls off. Barrett locks in another chin lock. Ryder gets to his feet and slams Barrett's head to the mat. Ryder hits head strikes and then a boot to the head. He hits Barrett with a missile dropkick from up top. Ryder lands a flying elbow and then tries for the Broski Boot, but Barrett back drops him to the apron. Ryder drops Barrett's chin onto the top rope.

He boots Barrett in the head for a near pin fall. Ryder hits Barrett with a knee to the head and goes for the Rough Ryder, but Barrett tosses him off. Barrett lands a boot to the head. Barrett lands the Bullhammer for the win.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Then, the opening segment from RAW is shown.

Next, Kane vs. Randy Orton from RAW is shown.

Natalya (with Eva Marie) vs. Naomi (with Cameron)

They tie up and Natalya lands a hip toss. They chain wrestle and Naomi get's Natalya's arm locked in. Natalya gets a shoulder knockdown. Naomi gets her jumping butt bump. Natalya tries to lock in the Sharpshooter but gets kicked off. Natalya slams Naomi to the mat and keeps her head locked in. She hits Naomi with a delayed vertical. She tries to pin Naomi by sitting on her, to no avail. Natalya locks in an abdominal stretch. She pulls one of Naomi's legs up and back.

Naomi fights out and lands a dropkick, sending Natalya to the outside. Naomi holds the ropes open for her to get back in. They shake hands and Naomi gets a quick roll up attempt, followed by a dropkick. Naomi lands a flipping neck breaker (I believe, was a bit hard to see), followed by a hurricanrana. They exchange reversals and Natalya is able to lock in the Sharpshooter. Naomi tries to get to the ropes but Natalya pulls her back to the center of the ring. Naomi taps.

Winner: Natalya

They hug after the match and raise arms with Eva Marie.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio from RAW is then shown to end the show.

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