- We open with a recap video of Austin Aries as Suicide and Samoa Joe joining The Main Event Mafia.

- Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show and wishes us a happy Independence Day as we see crowd shots. We are in Las Vegas.

- X Division Champion Austin Aries comes to the ring and cuts a promo. He talks about respect and winning the World Title again and officially challenges Bully Ray for the shot. He calls Hulk Hogan out to hand over his title and make it official.

Hogan's music hits and he makes his entrance to the ring. Aries gives him the belt and Hogan cuts a sarcastic promo about Aries' greatness and says he sunk to a new low and committed gimmick infringement. Hogan says that there will be a 3-Way X Division Main Event. He introduces Manic, the old Suicide. Hogan says he changed his name. Hogan then brings out "Sabin Mania." Chris Sabin cuts a promo on Aries and says he waited a long year to be standing here in this ring and Aries won't stop him from winning back the title that Aries stole.

- Daniels and Kazarian cut a promo through their locker room door to the interviewers about AJ Styles. The usual shenanigans ensue.

- AJ Styles is walking in the back.

- A nice 4th of July Knockouts promo runs about the merchandise sale on TNA.com. Tara kisses Velvet. 'Nuff said.

- Daniels and Kazarian come out dressed as Siegfried & Roy. Yes you read that right. 'Cause they,re in Vegas? AJ Styles makes his entrance.

BFG Series: AJ Styles vs. Kazarian

They have a nice back and forth exchange and AJ builds some momentum. Daniels is silly in his wig and stuffed puppy in his arms at ringside. Kazarian hits a dropkick and sends AJ flying halfway across the ring and gets 2. AJ reverses Kaz into the Calf Killer and Kazarian taps after about 45 seconds.

Winner of 10 points by submission: AJ Styles

- Mickie James is on her way out and asks a production assistant for a ladder.

- Chavo gives Hernandez a pep talk in the locker room about the BFG Series and tells him this is his tournament to win.

- Mickie James is in the ring next to a ladder. She climbs it and says to get to the top of the Knockouts Division, you have to crawl, scratch, claw... She brags about her album deal and commercials and being the champion. She tells the other Knockouts that they will never be as great as she and that she will break all their faces on each rung of the ladder next week.

- The Gut Check judges deliberate about last week's contestants in a video package.

- We go live in the back as Ryan Howe is chosen to go forward.

- Kurt Angle, Sting, and Samoa Joe arrive in the back. Angle says the numbers keep growing and the 4th member will be revealed tonight.

- Jay Bradley makes his entrance followed by Hernandez with Chavo.

BFG Series: Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley

Taz and Tenay try their best to put both men over. Hernandez tries to fight off Bradley's offense. He hits one shoulderblock from the apron and hits Air Mexico from the ramp to turn it around into a flurry. Hernandez drops Bradley for 2. Bradley hits a thumb to the eye and mocks Hernandez. Chavo distracts Bradley and Hernandez runs him over for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Hernandez

- Bully talks to the troops backstage about Aries and the title situation and says he will give Aries credit. Wes keeps asking him about the rumors about Brooke getting engaged. Bully makes it clear to him that that is personal business and this is club business. Bully wonders what if nobody wins the X Division match tonight. They all laugh over beers.

- Tara leads out Robbie E and Jessie Godderz, the Bro Mans. Gunner and Storm make their entrance. Robbie and Jessie attack them from behind before the bell rings.

Gunner & Storm vs. Bro Mans

Robbie is legal against Gunner and he starts to work him over as Tara helps behind the ref's back. Gunner comes back with a fall-away slam and creates space to tag Storm. Storm speeds it up against Jessie and the action breaks down in and out of the ring. Gunner hits a backbreaker to Jessie and he hits a double team with Storm as Storm covers Jessie for the win.

Winners by pin: Gunner & Storm

- The Main Event Mafia walks toward the ring.

- Jeff Hardy cuts a backstage promo about facing Joseph Park tonight. He says Park has a dark side through his relation to Abyss.

- The Main Event Mafia, Sting and Angle, make their entrance. Louie Anderson is in the crowd. They get a great reception. Sting says the MEM is back. Back for 2 reasons: to destroy Aces & 8's and relieve Bully Ray of the World Title. Sting says the old MEM was consisted of champions which caused issues, so they went with a no nonsense approach this time. He introduces Samoa Joe who gets a ruckus reaction. Joe says he usually walks alone but he noticed the strength in numbers lately so he went and got a crew. He says with these men behind him, he will run right through Aces & 8's and choke Bully out to win the World Title.

Angle says he is he one who chose Samoa Joe to be the 3rd member. He says Joe earned his respect and puts him over as the "baddest SOB" He ever stood in the ring with. Angle says Joe suggested the 4th member of Main Event Mafia... Magnus. Magnus comes out in a in a suit and Taz wonders what the new requirement is to be in MEM, to be on the cover of GQ? Magnus cuts a promo and he puts over the all the men, especially Joe. Sting says they will make sure there is a winner tonight in the main event.

- Jeff Hardy is introduced to the ring. Joseph Park makes his entrance.

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Joseph Park

Park shakes goes over and shakes Hardy's hand. They lock up and break in the corner. Hardy starts flying and hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top but Park avoids the Swanton. Taz says he saw a Twinkie and rolled to get it. Park looks surprised and he takes control of Hardy in the corner. Park sends Hardy from corner to corner. Hardy comes back with a flurry and gets 2.

Park catches him and hits a Samoan Drop. Park goes to the 2nd rope and hits a splash after a 'thumbs up' for a 2 count. Park measures Hardy but Hardy hits a reverse elbow out of the corner and a corkscrew off the ropes. Park's lip is busted open and he snaps. Park slams the ref and roars like a madman. Hardy asks what is wrong with him as other refs come down. Park snaps back and looks confused.

Winner of 3 points by disqualification: Jeff Hardy

Joseph Park loses 10 points

- The Gut Check decision is next.

- JB introduces the Gut Check judges. Ryan Howe is introduced and JB asks if we saw his best last week. He says it was. Al Snow tells him 'no.' JB gives Howe a chance to cut a promo as the crowd boos. Danny Davis says his mind was made up but the people changed it. He says they were booing him but he hung in there and he says, 'yes.' Bruce Prichard tells him, 'no' and Howe looks like he might cry.

- Bully leads the troops out to "watch nobody win." DOC stops him to 'campaign for Governor' as Mr. Anderson puts it, for the VP position. Bully interrupts them and gets them back in order.

- Aces & 8's makes their way out through the crowd. Bully stares at a little boy who puts his hand out. Bully then fakes the kid out as he puts his hand out then pulls it back. Chris Sabin makes his entrance followed by Manic and Austin Aries. Aces & 8's watch from the crowd.

X Division Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Manic

Sabin and Manic go at it with Aries hung up in the corner. Sabin gets 2 on Manic. Manic rolls up Sabin but Aries comes in to break the count. Sabin and Manic fly around the ring and Manic does the Spider Man in the ropes. Sabin and Aries mix it up with Manic on the floor. Aries hits a dropkick for 2 on Sabin. Aries comes off the top with a chop on the ramp. Sabin drops Aries face first, on the ramp. Aces & 8's approach the ring and DOC powerslams Manic on the floor. MEM comes down as Aces & 8's surround the ring as we go to break.

Manic is carried away by paramedics as we return. Aries drops Sabin's neck onto the apron. Aries 3 desperately quick near falls. More near falls by Aries as Sting gets on the apron. Aries spits in his hand and slaps Sabin. Sabin slaps him back and goes off on him. Sabin hits an Enzuigiri and a dropkick for a 2. They trade reversals. Aries takes advantage and works the injured knee of Sabin. Aries hits the Brain Buster but Sabin still kicks out. The crowd chants that this is awesome. More back and forth. Aries misses with the 450 in the corner. More exciting near falls as Aces & 8's loon on from afar. The Main Event Mafia are still keeping them at bay from ringside.

Aries goes for a superplex but Sabin reverses into a crazy slam from the top rope for the win.

Winner by pin And New X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

Sabin, with Angle at his side, looks over at Bully Ray and says we very well may be looking at the next World Champion.

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