Detailed Recap From TNA's Hardcore Justice 2 Pay-Per-View

Jeremy Borash runs backstage to interview Bad Influence. Kazarian says he is undefeated in TNA in Ladder Matches. Kazarian says everybody always underestimates them. Kazarian says Generation Me has been labeled as disrespectul and it's a load of crap. He says Generation Me is one of the best tag teams in the business, but Bad Influence will knock them off the ladders to get what they want. Daniels says they are the hometown team and he will climb the ladder as Generation Me will worship he and Kazarian.

Tag Team Ladder Match for $20,000: Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs. Generation Me (Jeremy Buck and Max Buck)
The two teams shake hands before the match, but then Daniels and Kazarian kick the Bucks and go to work. Generation Me comes back and gets some offense in, but Bad Influence take control back rather quickly. Bad Influence grab a ladder and smash it into Jeremy's face. Max dropkicks the ladder into Daniels and Kazarian's face. Maz gets the ladder and climbs, but Kazarian stops him. Kazarian drops Max in the ring, but Jeremy shoves the ladder into him. Daniels puts the ladder over his head and takes out Max with the ladder. Jeremy takes Daniels out and Generation Me double teams Daniels. Kazarian pulls Jeremy off the ladder and Daniels takes him to the corner. Kazarian and Max climb the ladder and Kazarian takes Max all the way down to the mat. Daniels climbs the ladder, but Max stops him and drops him to the mat. Generation Me beats down Bad Influence on the outside. Max takes Kazarian down with a Spear underneath a ladder, and Daniels and Max get back into the ring. Generation Me double teams Daniels and Jeremy takes him out with a dropkick. Daniels falls onto a ladder set up between the apron and barricade. Kazarian comes back and drapes Max over the top rope. Max suplexes Kazarian over the top rope and Kazarian's knee hits the ladder.

Max grabs a ladder, but Daniels climbs it. Jeremy meets him at the top. Daniels pushes the ladder over, but Jeremy springboards off the ropes and takes Kazarian down on the outside. Daniels is alone in the ring and climbs the ladder, but Jeremy stops him. Max kicks Daniels in the back of the head and Max climbs the ladder. Kazarian takes Jeremy down with a clothesline on the outside and delivers a springboard dropkick to the ladder, which sends Max down to the mat. Max and Daniels take each other down with a double clothesline and Kazarian delivers a sliding dropkick to Jeremy. Kazarian delivers the Fade to Black to Jeremy and Daniels connects with the Best Moonsault Ever. Maz comes back and delivers a superkick to Kazarian and pulls Daniels off the ladder. Max sends Daniels to the outside and begins to climb the ladder. Kazarian climbs as well and they brawl on the ladder. Daniels smacks Max in the face with an apple-tini and Kazarian grabs the piece of paper and the referee calls for the bell.
Winners: Bad Influence

We take a look at next month's One Night Only pay-per-view, TNA 10 Reunion.

SoCal Val is backstage with Joseph Park. He says he doesn't have a match, but he hopes he can get one. He says all of the great hardcore matches in the Impact Zone involved his brother. James Mitchell and Judas Mesias walk up and says Park has to repay his brother's debt tonight if Abyss doesn't show up.

We take a look back at the few matches that we have seen so far tonight.

Bad Influence are backstage and they say they just proved again that they are the best tag team in the world. Daniels says they best two of the best in the world, and it proves that they are the best.

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