Matt Striker Talks WWE Release, Possibly Joining TNA, If Punk Vs. Lesnar Is Believable, More

Source: Wrestlingheels Radio

If TNA is a possibility: "That's not up to me… that's up to them. I love wrestling and all aspects of wrestling and entertainment. You call my phone, I'll answer."

If he has kept up with TNA or ROH while in WWE: "I didn't watch religiously because I didn't have time, but I did catch it a few times because a lot of my friends worked there and also because you want to watch the greats and a lot of the greats are under the WWE Banner. Bully Ray.. You'll learn something from watching him every time. Kurt Angle is still Kurt Angle and that will never change. There are benefits to watching. If wrestling is on, I put the remote down. I don't care what 3 letters are on the screen."

His favorite moment in WWE: "Wrestlemania 23. 80,000 people. Rob VanDam. Monkey flips Matt Striker through the air. The moment that made people go "Whoa" meant the most to me. That's why they came. They came to see that. That was the moment. The week before we wrestled in Mexico and Rob gave me the same flip but he sent me out of the ring on the other side. I wish we could've done that on Wrestlemania."

You can download and listen to the full interview at this link.

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