- NewsDay has an interview with Mickie James at this link, who was promoting this past weekend's TNA Basebrawl event in Coney Island. During the interview, Mickie discussed Impact Wrestling being live vs. taped.

"I've always believed that I performed better under pressure," James said. "When it's [taped], at least in the wrestling industry I find that my energy is not as full as it normally is. You're still performing before a live audience, but sometimes it feels like there's room to play or room for error. I want there to be no room for error. I want it to be perfect every time."

- Christina Von Eerie defeated Angie Skye via submission and Femmes Fatales International Champion Mercedes Martinez defeated Sweet Cherrie at last night's NCW Femme Fatales XII event. You can read a detailed review of the show here.

- Divas 36 recently interviewed Jonathan Coyle, who is the fiancee of new WWE Diva Eva Marie, who is appearing on the new "Total Divas" show. During the interview, Coyle was asked about Eva's co-stars on the show.

"I have met the cast members and they are all awesome," Coyle said. "I was really impressed with Natalya who has taken Eva under her wing as her mentor. What impressed me the most about all the Divas is their underlying respect for one another. At the end of the day the Divas are elite athletes, you don't just get handed the title of Diva because you beautiful. If that were the case there would be hundreds of Divas, not a select few. The training, dedication, and athletic ability required to earn the title Diva is something that sets these women apart. And regardless of any other factors between the Divas, they all have the highest level of respect for one another because the all know what it took to earn the title Diva."

Coyle also discussed if he would get married on the show, if he will appear on it and more, you can read the full interview at this link.

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