Bret Hart Talks His Appreciation Night, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, If He Misses Wrestling, His Stroke

Source: 680 News

How did his stroke change his life: "It completely devastated me and humbled me a lot. I think there's an inner drive that came out in that, like a different kind of drive that I needed to sort of fight back and conquer that thing. When you're in that situation you're on the bottom looking up and you feel like you never get better fast enough. I had a lot of fears that I had to deal with and it's made you more appreciative and understanding of other people's ailments. [It] just gives you a different attitude about life and makes you appreciate the good things you do have and your family and relationships and things like that.

"I've always thought if I was going to describe how I felt when I had my stroke, I always try and tell people that it was kind of like that movie Shawshank Redemption. If you remember that movie, at the very end of the movie he's sanding the boat and he's all happy, happy ending. I was like that with the end of my wrestling career. I worked really hard and I got home. I was like sanding the boat and all of a sudden I have a stroke and that's like the end of the movie. That's such a lousy ending. I never forget how I felt at the time and I never forget how many people, like the whole stroke ward at the hospital and the doctors and all the physio people, just the people that all kind of, one by one, helped build me back together.

"I'm really lucky. I had a good recovery. I got most, I'd say 90% or 95% back. I'm grateful for all of it. I know I got a limp sometimes but I got a limp because I got my knee replaced. A lot of people think oh, he's really messed up now but I'm actually getting better now, as far as my limp goes. God sometimes gives you things that you can handle. I didn't think it at the time, that I was going to handle my stroke so well, but looking back on it I think I dug deeper inside myself and did survive a real tough thing."

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