WWE RAW Results - The Wyatt Family Debuts, Final Hype For MITB, More

- Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are backstage walking as we go to commercial. Her job evaluation is up next. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see Baltimore Raven Ray Rice sitting behind the announcers. They show us a video of what happened with Mark Henry and John Cena earlier tonight.

- Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are in the ring now. The apron is black and there's a table with three empty chairs. Vickie sits on a stool and Maddox is standing beside her. Out next comes Vince McMahon with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie speaks first and says they're here to evaluate Vickie's performance. Stephanie thanks the WWE fans for voting on the WWE App on whether or not Vickie passes or fails. Stephanie lets Vickie speak and the fans start booing her. Vickie says she has always loved the McMahon family and the fans. Vickie talks about some of the things she's done. She takes credit for inspiring The Undertaker to return at WrestleMania. Stephanie mocks that one. She points out Vickie was also responsible for bringing back Brock Lesnar, who brought havoc with him. Stephanie says Vickie has to take responsibility for her actions. Stephanie asks Vickie if bringing back Brock was a good idea. Vickie apologizes for Lesnar attacking them. Vince speaks up and says it was a stroke of genius. Vince says we can all agree that Vickie is entertaining. He goes on and Triple H is up next. He admits Vickie can be unintentionally entertaining but she's horrible at her job. Triple H says she botched the recent WWE 2K14 reveal on RAW. He says fans boo her every week and it's bad for business. He knows Vince thinks that's entertaining but it's not, he says. Triple H says the fans want and deserve better than Vickie.

Vince thinks Vickie should be permanent General Manager of RAW. Triple H speaks up and doesn't agree. He calls Vickie a puppet who strokes Vince's ego every week. Triple H says we should let Stephanie decide Vickie's fate, since she called the meeting. Vince says he has no problem with daddy's little girl making the decision. Triple H says he has no problem with the mother of his children making the decision. Vince wants what's best for entertainment and Triple H wants what's best for business. Stephanie says she won't let anyone or anything drive a wedge between her and her family so she's going to let the votes on the WWE App decide. We get a graphic and 25% voted pass, 75% voted fail. Stephanie says the fans have spoken and Vickie failed. Vickie gets upset and starts yelling. Stephanie has two words for Vickie... you're fired. Vickie drops to her knees and drops the mic. The fans start singing goodbye to her. She pushes Maddox away and starts crying and throwing a fit on the mat. Vickie crawls to the desk and begs the McMahons. Vickie gets up on the desk and continues throwing a fit and yelling. Vince takes the mic and asks if the people are happy. Vince says the fans have broken Vickie's heart. Vince says Vickie didn't fail, each and every fan just failed. Vince says Vickie could have been the most entertaining General Manager of all-time. Vince says we need a new General Manager of RAW and the people deserve this. Vince names Brad Maddox as the new General Manager of RAW. Vickie starts screaming again. Vince escorts Vickie out of the ring and Maddox looks shocked. Vince puts his jacket around Vickie and helps her to the back. Maddox follows. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and Vickie is crying to Vince about how she loves her job. Vince says he's going to make it right somehow. Maddox walks up and apologizes to Vickie for what happened. He thanks Vince and says he won't regret this decision. Maddox keeps his hand extended but Vince doesn't shake it. Maddox says he's going to pick up where Vickie left off. Vince asks how long is Maddox going to keep his hand out like that. Vickie attacks Maddox out of nowhere and starts hitting him. Vince takes his jacket back from Vickie and leaves her crying.

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