WWE NXT Recap: Regal, Graves And Neville Vs. The Wyatt Family, Mason Ryan In Handicap Match, More

After the match, Dusty Rhodes announces a triple threat between Sami Zayn, Antonio Cesaro and Leo Kruger for the number one contendership to the NXT Championship.

Corey Graves, Adrian Neville And William Regal Vs. The Wyatt Family

Neville and Rowan start things off. Neville delivers body shots. Rowan tosses him in the corner. More body shots from Neville. He hits Rowan with a dropkick. Regal comes in and strikes Rowan multiple times. He knees Rowan in the head and Graves comes in. He strikes Rowan multiple times. Rowan hits a shoulder knockdown. Harper comes in and hits Graves in the gut. Graves lands a dropkick. He locks Harper in a head scissors and hangs over the ropes. Regal comes in and back kicks Harper in the chest repeatedly.

Neville comes in and does the same thing. Harper rolls out of the ring for a breather. Back from commercial and Neville takes Harper's knee out, followed by a dropkick to the face. Bray Wyatt comes in and stomps Neville on the mat. Wyatt delivers body shots in the corner and Harper comes in. He hits Neville with an uppercut. Harper lands a huge back elbow. He then slams Neville to the mat by his hair. Rowan comes in and whips Harper into Neville. Rowan lands a body slam for a near pin fall.

Rowan gets several knees to the gut, followed by a pump handle backbreaker. Rowan drives his boot into the back of Neville's head and lifts one of his legs into the air. He drops an elbow on Neville. Wyatt comes in with a headbutt. He whips Neville into the corner and goes for a body avalanche, but Neville moves. Wyatt stops Neville from getting to his corner and Harper comes in. He stomps Neville in the chest. Neville gets a jawbreaker and tries to get to his corner, but Harper stomps him.

Harper locks Neville in a submission. He lifts Neville up for a vertical Suplex. Neville escapes and tries for a roll up to no avail. Neville gets to his corner and tags Regal in. He strikes Harper multiple times and delivers knees to the gut. He hits Harper with an exploder Suplex and then runs and starts attacking Rowan and Wyatt on the apron. He runs back to Harper and knees him in the gut. Regal hits the Trembler and Rowan breaks up the pin attempt. Graves attacks Rowan and sends him from the ring.

Neville hits Rowan with a dive, taking out Graves as well. Wyatt tags in and chokes Regal. He hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

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