Views From The Turnbuckle: MITB Preview, Can Henry Win? Match Predictions And More

That leaves Randy Orton, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton has been wallowing in no-man's land for over a year, and the MITB briefcase could really rejuvenate his career. Punk is gearing up for a big face run and feud with Paul Heyman, leading most likely to a match against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, could they use the briefcase as an extra prop in the match? What if Brock won the briefcase? Daniel Bryan is the guy that most fans would pick to win the case, as he is currently the most over guy on the roster and the time to cash in on his popularity is now. If the WWE was smart they would have him win the match and cash in ASAP. But as has happened in the past, the WWE has made same boneheaded decisions with Daniel Bryan, and history very well could repeat itself.

The other MITB match is for the WHC contract, and features all guys who have never been WHC, except for Jack Swagger. I actually think this match is going to be the best MITB match of the night, because it features young guys willing to take risks. The WWE MITB match is full of older stars, guys who know better and who can't recklessly risk their bodies. Guys like Randy Orton and CM Punk have stated in the past that their days of falling off of ladders are pretty much over. The WHC MITB match is the opposite, as it is full of young guys willing to take the risks to make a name for themselves. Expect to see a lot of high spots in this match.

I think the winner of the match is really a toss-up, as any number of guys could get the title shot. What is interesting is that whoever wins this match, that is the guy the WWE is going to peg as being the next main event star for their company. The match also consists of all heel characters, although at the rate heel/face turns are coming that could easily change. The obvious choice, if there is on, is in Dean Ambrose. He has already been a part of the biggest storylines, his mic and ring work has been impressive and he holds the US Championship. Everyone believes that he is going to be a future main eventer, and his acceleration to that title might come sooner rather than later. Damien Sandow is a dark horse candidate, as he has worked a feud with Sheamus recently, even getting a few victories over the somewhat unconquerable Irishman. Sandow generates a fair amount of heat on the microphone, so he might be a really solid choice to elevate into the main event. Realistically though, any of the 5 other competitors, Cody Rhodes, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Fandango or Wade Barrett could also win it, which makes this match very exciting.

The rest of the card is filled out rather weakly. Chris Jericho will face Ryback in a match that everyone is sure will be a Ryback victory. Ryback needs a ppv win desperately and Jericho is a big name opponent who has no issue jobbing to younger talent. Curtis Axel vs The Miz for Axel's IC title should be a quick match, highlighted by a lot of fans going into the kitchen to make a sandwich. Axel wins because the WWE likes him and nobody likes the Miz. The Diva's title match should really only end one way, with AJ once again getting the best of Kaitlyn. AJ is irreplaceable in the Diva's division, while Kaitlyn is the exact opposite and her role can be filled by essentially any other Diva on the roster. The pre-show match is Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs the Uso boys for the Shield's tag team titles. While the Usos have shown significant improvement, they are not ready to take down the Shield, and I have to think that if the Shield were going to lose the tag titles, it would be on the main show and not on Youtube.

This Sunday should be one of the better days for wrestling this year. The MITB matches always set the tone for the rest of the summer, and we should get a decent glimpse of the what the WWE has in store for us in the future.

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