Views From The Turnbuckle: MITB Preview, Can Henry Win? Match Predictions And More

Views From The Turnbuckle: MITB Preview, Can Henry Win? Match Predictions And More
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Much like Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank has historically been one of the better ppvs the WWE puts on each year. Money in the Bank 2011 might have been the best ppv of the year and the event in 2012 was no slouch either. Contrary to how I felt about Extreme Rules and Payback, Money in the Bank 2013 is looking like it could follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and become one of the best shows of 2013.

It will be interesting to see which match is the main event of the show. Last year, the MITB match for the WWE Title shot went on last, as opposed to the WWE Championship match. This year, I think the WWE Championship match will regain its main event slot for two reasons. First, if the MITB match for the title shot is on after the Championship match, then it removes any potential for a cash in on the title that night. Secondly, John Cena is in the WWE Championship match this year, as opposed to being in the MITB match last year.

The WWE Championship match is Mark Henry taking on the perennial champion, John Cena. Henry has looked very impressive over the past few weeks, laying out Cena and cutting some devilish promos that few knew he was capable of delivering. A lot of fans see Henry as a deserving champion, someone that worked hard in the WWE for well over a decade but never got properly recognized.

However, the WWE loves to use the booking pattern of where they build up a monster to challenge Cena, only to have Cena once again overcome the odds at the ppv and slay the beast. It's the exact same formula that they used at the very last ppv, only with Ryback playing the monsters role. If they switched up the formula and had Henry won, then that would be a delightful twist to the show, and a move that I believe would be very well-received. Although my heart is telling me to pick Henry, my head is telling me that Cena will come out on top for the 10,000,000th time. Let us all hope for a nice surprise.

The other world title match is a re-match between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship, only this time Del Rio is the champion and Ziggler the challenger. I really have to believe that Ziggler is going to win this match. The WWE quickly pulled the rug underneath his title reign before he could really have it (thanks Swagger) and I think it would be smart to take the title off of a lame duck champion like Del Rio. At this point, the WWE knows what they are going to get out of Del Rio as champion, a guy that can have some good matches but is always going to receive lackluster reactions from the crowd. Ziggler has a lot more potential as champion, and to pick Del Rio in favor of him would be a crude and nonsensical move.

Arguably the match with the most intriguing match of the evening is the MITB match for the WWE Title shot. The match is being booked as the "All-Stars" match, as it consists of all former world champions. Realistically, all would be a capable winner of the match, but for the sake of predictions, let's cross some of the guys off. Kane is likely not going to even be in the match after he was attacked by the Wyatt family on Raw, so he is out. Christian is most likely going to be used in lower-card feuds so adios to him. I can't see Sheamus winning either, the names in the match are too big for a relative young gun like him to overcome, plus I doubt he even needs it, since much like ADR; Sheamus seems to get title shots whenever he wants anyways. Rob Van Dam is a returning superstar, and he might very well receive the biggest pop of the night, but I can't see the WWE rushing ahead and putting a 42 year old back into the main event spot after only one match.

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