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Knockouts #1 Contender Ladder Match: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Gail attacks Taryn as she steps through the ropes. Taryn overtakes her and hits a spear through the ropes to the ramp. Gail retrieves the ladder from the ramp and they fight for it in the ring. Taz re-joins commentary. They go back and forth. Gail runs up the ladder in the corner flies off but Taryn side steps. Taryn sets the ladder up in the center. Tenay asks if Taz remembers their last match. Taz says, "Of course I remember, I called it."

Gail sends Taryn face-first into the ladder and begins to scale it but Gail pulls her off. Gail goes for the figure-4 on the ring post but Taryn kicks her in the face. Back from a commercial as Taryn and Gail trade shots at the top of the ladder. They both take a tumble and hit the top rope. Taryn sends Gail under the ladder and then shoves it in her face. Taryn finds another ladder from under the ring. She makes a scaffold with the one Gail is setting up in the ring and the ropes. Taryn places Gail on the horizontal and goes up top but Gail rolls off. Gail applies the figure-4 to Taryn around the ladder. Taryn writhes in pain as Gail scales the ladder.

Taryn meets Gail up top and chokes her out with Gail's feet dangling in the air. Taryn drops Gail but she legitimately can't reach the contract. ODB holds the ladder for her but still no good. Gail gets up and Taryn hits a crossbody off the ladder and then goes down with knee pain. Taryn and Gail climb on the horizontal ladder and Taryn goes for a bulldog. Gail slides through and Taryn bulldogs the air and hits the canvas. Taryn chokes Gail by the ropes but Gail ties her hair around the rope and climbs the ladder the retrieve the contract. Great match!

Winner And New TNA Knockouts #1 Contender: Gail Kim

- Sting and Angle are seated in the back as the camera peeks in their room. They talk about picking the right 5th member of MEM. Sting's phone rings and he leaves the room. Angle breathes a sigh of relief that the 5th member finally called.

Back from a break and Sting comes back in the room and says, "Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Perfect." He hangs up the phone. He tells Angle that "he" will be here in a few minutes.

- AJ Styles is introduced first for the Gauntlet Match followed by Magnus.

BFG Series Gauntlet Match (25 Points): Magnus, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Roode

Magnus and AJ lock up and go back and forth to some "boring" chants. Yes, that match will be hard to follow. The clock counts down and Kazarian is out next. OK, so this is an over-the-top-elimination match; basically a mini Royal Rumble and eventual battle royale. This is technically not a gauntlet match. Samoa Joe joins them next and starts to speed things against Kaz. Magnus takes care of AJ in the corner. AJ eliminates Kaz. Joe goes crazy with shots to AJ as we go to commercial.

Mr. Anderson came out during the break and Bobby Roode comes out as we return. The match goes to pin or submission when it gets down to the last 2. Joe clotheslines Anderson over the top and he falls out himself also. It's down to Roode and Magnus. Roode hits a spinebuster for 2 and cranks back on his head on the canvas. Magnus counters out and puts Roode in the Texas Cloverleaf. Roode reaches the ropes to break the hold. Magnus comes off the top with an elbow but Roode moves. Quick paced back and forth; Roode rolls Magnus up, Magnus rolls through with his powerful legs and pins Roode.

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