Impact Wrestling Results With Video

Winner of 25 points by pin: Magnus

- Chris Sabin and Hulk Hogan walk, separately, in the back. It's time for Sabin's decision, next.

- TNA General Manager Hulk Hogan makes his entrance to the ring to a nice ovation. Say what you will but this guy can still draw; just by standing in the ring, he doesn't have to wrestle. By the way, Hogan has on a leopard do-rag. Leopard. He calls Chris Sabin out who cuts a promo about his dream of wrestling and watching Hulk as a kid. Sabin says he wants the World Title and Hogan applauds with pride. Sabin hands over his belt as Bully's music interrupts.

Bully comes to the ring and tells Hogan to tell his daughter that they have unfinished business. He switches to Sabin and tells him he must be delusional and warns him not to hand his belt over. Sabin says he was the one who pinned Bully in Team 3D's retirement match and he was the only one to ever kick out of Team 3D's finisher. Sabin says he will beat Bully and ask if he knows who Sabin is. Bully warns him not to do it but Sabin defiantly hands the title to Hulk. Bully says Sabin just signed his death warrant and says he will have to fight his whole family.

Aces & 8's begins to file in. MEM's music hits and they come to the stage. Sting says Sabin will face Bully one-on-one. He introduces their heavy hitter: Rampage Jackson. Jackson comes out on the stage to join his partners and the Main Event Mafia raise each others' arms as we go off the air.

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