Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact kicks-off with a recap of last week.

- We go to the back as Bully Ray calls over the camera guy and cuts a promo in his sunglasses and title on his shoulder. He angrily paces and addresses the Brooke Hogan engagement rumors and says, "You move on, when I say you move on."

- Aces & 8's come to the ring and Bully says it is time to take care of business. Bully addresses Chris Sabin and gets a huge "What" treatment. Bully says that they will vote on the new VP tonight; not the fans, this is personal club business. Bully says "no" to the MEM's previous challenge.

Main Event Mafia comes on the stage with Kurt Angle and Sting in suits and Joe and Magnus in gear. Angle stands in the center of the group and cuts a promo on Bully. Sting takes the mic and says that before the end of the night, Bully will be introduced to a "heavy hitter" 5th member of MEM.

- X Division Champion Chris Sabin walks in the back. Will he hand in his title for a shot at Bully Ray next week at Destination X?

- JB and Christy Hemme stand on the stage. Christy draws names from a lottery tumbler to reveal the teams for the first of three Joker's Wild tag matches. The winners will advance to the Gauntlet where the winner will win 25 points in the BFG Series. Jeff Hardy is drawn first and he makes his entrance. Joseph Park is his tag partner. Their opponents are... AJ Styles... and Samoa Joe.

Joker's Wild Tag Match: Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Park quickly tags out and Hardy and AJ mix it up. Hardy hits a front suplex for 2. Styles backs Hardy into the corner and Joe tags himself in for punishment on Hardy. Samoa Joe gets 2 on Jeff Hardy. Joe hits the Enzuigiri in the corner and tags AJ. Styles applies the Calf Killer on Hardy but Joseph Park comes in to break it. Hardy legally tags Park and he goes crazy on Joe, knocking him down twice and delivers a big back bodydrop to AJ. Park is fired up. Styles flies off the top rope and connects with a forearm to Park. Joe makes Park tap to a rear naked choke.

Winners by submission: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Joe and AJ bumps heads after the match and they are separated.

- Taryn Terrell stretches in the locker room for her Ladder Match, later against Gail Kim for the #1 Contendership of the TNA Knockouts Title.

- Jay Bradley is the first name drawn for our 2nd Joker's Wild. He is joined by Hernandez. They will face Mr. Anderson and... Magnus.

Joker's Wild Tag Match: Mr. Anderson & Magnus vs. Hernandez & Jay Bradley

Anderson puts out his hand to Magnus as a fake gesture that he will start the match. Magnus motions for Anderson to be his guest. Anderson dances around the Hernandez and runs and slaps Magnus on the chest to tag him. Hernandez tags Bradley and he locks up with Magnus. Magnus hits a nice high knee for a 1 count. Hernandez tags in and Magnus puts him in an armbar. Magnus goes to tag Anderson but Anderson pretends to have something in his eye. Hernandez and Jay Bradley start to slowly take Magnus apart.

Anderson encourages a hot-tag from Magnus but he drops off the apron to the floor and laughs when Magnus tries to tag him. Magnus rolls Hernandez up out of nowhere for the win.

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