Mark Henry Talks About MITB And His WWE Future, Responds To A Wrestling Legend, More

Mark Henry Talks About MITB And His WWE Future, Responds To A Wrestling Legend, More
Busted Open sent the following:

WWE Superstar Mark Henry joined Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Mike Riker. You can hear Busted Open on Sirius 92, XM 208 and on the app on Sports Zone.

Just a note, we had Ken Patera on our show back in March and he had some comments on Mark Henry. As he was putting down Mark Henry, Mark called in to the show and was saying how Ken was his boyhood idol, not knowing what Patera was saying about him until he listened back to the show. Mark was very angry.

Below also are the comments that Patera made back in March.

On if his match versus John Cena Sunday at Money in the Bank is the biggest of his career:

Yeah. This is it. This is what you work for. This is the Super bowl. This is the NBA championship. This is the Olympics. This is being at the point in your life where you go right or left, and you have to go right. And if you go left, then you could either end up not in the business. You end up being marginalized, whatever. I mean, I don't have a choice.

On if winning the WWE championship will validate his career in his mind:

Man, I almost cussed. (Laughs) Yeah. It will. I mean I really did, I almost cussed. I have to win. This will be the one that people say, Ok. He may not have had a career that had as many championships as The Rock or The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels. But as far as big guys, super heavyweights. My name will be in the conversation for the next 100 years. And that's what I'm looking at.

On putting all his eggs in one basket on Sunday:

Well I am because it's important to me. And I didn't get to where I am today by resting on my laurels or resting on what happened yesterday. I'm very hypercompetitive. I carry a chip on my shoulder. The law protects people from people like me. And John Cena is going to be a recipient of a whooping that where he can't be protected by the law. There ain't nobody that can protect him from me. I mean I won't go to jail for what I'll do to him on Sunday. So I have to do this. I'm doing it for me. I'm done. Like man, I want to do it for my family. I want to do it for the business. Like all of that stuff. And it's real. People think that it's some kind of wrestling angle or this and that. I told Vince himself. I was like look, I'm in it to win it, if not I'm done. And that's what's gonna happen on Sunday. John is gonna get his ass kicked. There ain't no way or buts about it. Otherwise, I'm just talking s--t.

On if there was any truth to his fake retirement speech on Raw:

Man, I'm 42 years old man. You got people like Steve Austin, who's in my top five of all time wrestlers, who had to quit because of how much physical torment he took. And you look at The Undertaker and The Undertaker's not old. The Undertakers 44. And he's beat the hell up. Man, I'm a 410 pound guy that throws his body all over the place. I am beat the hell up. But I got one more night in me. That's the way I look at it. Every night, I got one more. Until it happens, until they put me on crutches or wheel me off or cart me off. I got one more night. And every time I go out there, I have that in my mind. Like what am I going to do to top what I did last time. And this mightóI wish I would have had this mentality when I was a younger guy. When I wasn't so beat up but I didn't. I can't dwell on that. That's why I look at puttingólike you said I put all my eggs in one basket. I ain't never ran from the press. I ain't never disrespected the fans. And the ones that got the evil Mark Henry, they deserved it.

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