Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

We are back from a commercial as Axel drops an elbow across Jericho's sternum. Cole tells us that Axel has been in control during the entire commercial. Jericho creates space and hits a crossbody from up top. Jericho misses with a Lionsault and Axel hits a neckbreaker in the ropes for 2. Jericho hits an Enzuigiri and almost knocks Axel out but Axel kicks out of the cover. Jericho hits the Codebreaker but Axel falls out of the ring and gets counted out.

Winner by count out: Chris Jericho

Axel goes crazy and starts to tear up the announce area as Heyman tries to get him to calm down.

- Miz makes his entrance and awaits Ryback.

Ryback vs. Miz

Miz starts strong but Ryback powers back and slowly takes Miz apart. Miz comes back and attacks Ryback's let knee. Ryback writhes in pain and complains to the ref that he heard something pop. He ref asks if he wants to continue and helps him up. Ryback attacks Miz with a clothesline out of nowhere and he hits Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner by pin: Ryback

- Sheamus gives Renee Young an interview in the back. He talks about his match with Randy Orton tonight, and Money in the Bank on Sunday.

- AJ Lee and Kaitlyn are at a table for their contract signing. Teddy Long is out there with the rest of the Divas and Big E. AJ starts to cut a promo puts her feet on the table but Teddy tells her to hurry it up. She signs the contract and warns Kaitlyn not to or she will embarrass her like never before. Layla snatches the pen out of AJ's hand and gives it to Kaitlyn who signs the contract. Teddy announces the match is official.

AJ pulls out her phone and reads texts, apparently from Kaitlyn, talking trash about Natalya and Cameron & Naomi. Kaitlyn goes to snatch the phone from AJ. AJ says, "Hulk smash!" This gets a deserved laugh from the crowd. AJ continues with a texts on the Titantron. Kaitlyn cuts a promo on AJ and says she will be champion again and AJ will be in a padded cell. AJ slaps Kaitlyn across the table and Kaitlyn pushes the table to the ropes, trapping AJ. Kaitlyn unloads on AJ before Big E restrains her. Kaitlyn slaps Big E and spears AJ in the center of the ring. Layla and Kaitlyn leave up the ramp.

- Wade Barrett is in the ring. Zeb Colter is on commentary. Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger stand at his side. Zeb says they are called The Real Americans. Summer Rae and Fandango make their entrance.

Fandango vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett takes control and lays Fandango across the top turnbuckle. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow come to the announce table and argue with Swagger and Cesaro. Fandango rolls Barrett up in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Fandango

- Cole tells us that Kane is out of Money in the Bank. He sends to the Wyatt Family debut from Monday.

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