Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

- We kick-off with the opening video and go right to Daniel Bryan's music and entrance. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Randy Orton will face Sheamus tonight. We are 48 hours away from Money in the Bank. The MITB briefcase hangs high above the ring. Christian makes his entrance.

Christian vs. Daniel Bryan

They both look up at the briefcase and lock up. Christian gets the first takedown and his a dropkick out of the corner for 2. Bryan comes back with stomps to Christian on the mat. Christian comes back with a spinebuster for 2. Christian starts to build momentum and launches Bryan over the top. He misses with the slide under the ropes and Bryan clotheslines him on the floor. Bryan flies off the apron with a knee to Christian on the floor as we go to our first commercial.

Bryan leaps into the corner and misses as we return to action. Christian gets 2 consecutive near-falls. Bryan tosses Christian to the floor and charges-in but Christian clocks him in the face to stop him in his tracks. They make it back in the ring and Bryan hits No/Yes Kicks. They trade kicks and strikes in the center of the ring. Christian misses with the crossbody off the top. Bryan goes up and misses with a splash off the top also. They both make it back up. Bryan hits No/Yes Kicks but Christian catches him in a reverse DDT and looks for the spear. Bryan stops him in his tracks with a kick to the head.

Bryan continues with the flurry but Christian catches him with a spear from out of the corner. Exciting back-and-forth with "Awesome" chants from the crowd. Bryan applies the No/Yes Lock and Christian taps.

Winner by submission: Daniel Bryan

Bryan celebrates with the fans with "Yes" and points to the briefcase.

- Teddy Long gives Dolph Ziggler the night off in the back and they argue. Teddy is afraid of someone interfering tonight. He doesn't want to get fired like Vickie Guerrero did on RAW. Dolph thinks Teddy is in cahoots with Alberto Del Rio and says he (Ziggler) will be World Champion at MITB.

- Back from a break as The Usos await The Shield in the ring. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins jump the security wall.

Jey Uso vs. Seth Rollins

Uso takes control of Rollins. Rollins takes over and gets a couple near-falls. Rollins hits some chops to the chest but Jey Uso gets his second wind and hits the Running Stinkface in the corner. Reigns gets on the apron and he pays for it as Jimmy kicks him down on the floor. Jey hits a Samoan Drop in the ring for 2. Reigns lays out Jimmy on the floor and Rollins makes Jey lose his balance up top. Rollins hits the Black Out stomp to Jey for the win.

Winner by pin: Seth Rollins

Rollins and Reigns stand on the announce table and raise their titles in the air.

- We go to footage of Vickie getting fired.

- Chris Jericho makes his entrance followed by Curtis Axel with Paul Heyman.

Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Axel

Axel goes right at Jericho with intensity, with stomps and strikes in the corner. Jericho comes back with similar intensity and they take turns with the advantage.

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