WWE Money In The Bank Results And Your Feedback

Winner: Ryback

- We get a video package for the new WWE Performance Center.

- We get a video package for tonight's World Heavyweight Title match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go to the ring and out first comes Dolph Ziggler by himself. Out next comes the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, without the suspended Ricardo Rodriguez.

Lilian Garcia does official ring introductions as we get ready to go. Fans chant "lets go Ziggler" as the bell rings. Ziggler with a quick roll up for 2. Ziggler shows off and the crowd pops. Del Rio with a kick and a forearm for a 2 count. Del Rio takes Ziggler back to the mat with a headlock. Del Rio with a big shoulder block. Ziggler comes back with a dropkick and a 2 count. Ziggler with offense in the corner and a 1 count. Ziggler with a series of elbow drops now. He clotheslines Del Rio out to the floor and follows. Ziggler brings it back in the ring but Del Rio nails an enziguri. Ziggler rolls to the floor and Del Rio follows, sending him into the fan barrier.

Del Rio with more offense in the corner and a headlock. Ziggler comes back with a roll up for 2 and then a big dropkick. Ziggler misses a splash in the corner and hits his head on the turnbuckle. Del Rio with more offense as the fans boo him. Del Rio comes back in the ring and hits a bunch of forearms to the kidneys. Del Rio with a shot to the back of the head. Del Rio with a big stomp and more taunting Ziggler. Del Rio goes for a dropkick on the ropes but Ziggler moves and Del Rio lands out on the floor. Del Rio goes to the top but Ziggler runs up, catches him and face plants Del Rio on the mat. 2 count for Ziggler.

More back and forth now. Del Rio charges in the corner but Ziggler moves and Del Rio hits the ring post. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for another pin attempt. Del Rio blocks the big leg drop and nails a German suplex for a close 2 count. Del Rio with shoulders in the corner now. Del Rio misses a big enziguri and Ziggler nails the big leg drop for 2. Fans chant for Ziggler as he goes for a sleeper. Del Rio blocks it and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Del Rio shows frustration now. Del Rio goes to the top but Ziggler dropkicks him on the way down. 2 count for Ziggler. AJ's music hits and out she comes skipping around the ring. Ziggler is distracted by AJ and asks why she's out here. Ziggler goes for a neckbreaker but it's blocked. Ziggler blocks Del Rio but hits a big DDT for a 2 count. Ziggler tells AJ to leave again. Ziggler goes to the top and is distracted by AJ but Del Rio cuts him off. Del Rio climbs up and smacks Ziggler around. Del Rio with the face plant from the top for 2. Fans chant for Ziggler again. Ziggler blocks the cross armbreaker. Ziggler misses a big right hand and Del Rio drops him on his face. Del Rio with a superkick for 2. Ziggler blocks a superkick. AJ runs in and hits Del Rio with the Divas Title belt, just as Ziggler is going for the Zig Zag.

Winner by DQ: Alberto Del Rio

- After the match, Ziggler goes nuts and AJ looks shocked. She apologizes as Ziggler talks with the referee. Del Rio celebrates as AJ tries to talk to Ziggler. We go to replays. Ziggler and AJ argue about what happened. Ziggler leaves without AJ. Fans chant "you screwed Ziggler" as she cries.

- We get a video for the National Guard. Lilian Garcia points out and thanks some of the Pennsylvania National Guard members in the audience.

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