Views From The Turnbuckle: MITB Review, The Sacrificial Goat

The one babyface to walk away successful tonight was WWE Champion John Cena. While a lot of fans were rooting for Mark Henry to finally reach the top of the moment, it was pretty predictable as to what would happen. Henry dominated most of the match, and if anyone is believable in dominating an opponent, it is Mark Henry. But in sticking with the formula, the WWE did its typical "Cena overcomes the odds" finish, one that has become so monotonous that it has driven fans to leave wrestling all together.

If there is one thing I can say about this wholeheartedly predictable match it is that Mark Henry deserves better. This could have been his last match ever, and it is almost certainly his last world title shot. Having a man who abused his opponent for 90% and outweighed him by about 175lbs tap out? The least they could do is have him kick out of a couple of AA's or something.

The rest of the show was filled out with simple matches, none of which had very surprising endings. During the pre-show, Rollins and Reigns defeated the Usos, although their fight during the WHC MITB suggests that they are not done feuding. AJ finally finished off Kaitlyn for good, putting an end to a feud that highlighted the strengths of AJ and the weakness of her opponent.

The Miz continued his run in trying to become the worst face in WWE history, this time getting a man the crowd worshiped ejected from ring-side. Axel retained cleanly in his match, and it appears he will be feuding with either CM Punk or Daniel Bryan for Summerslam. Ryback was literally carried to his best match since debuting in the WWE, as Chris Jericho deserves a medal for his work with that lug.

Overall, I think the match quality for MITB was pretty solid. However, I didn't care for a lot of the results, especially with the constant importance of putting heels over faces (Cena is apparently exempt from this rule). I do think that Randy Orton holding the briefcase is an alright move, as it could set him up for his much needed heel turn. The bad thing about this show, is that after it I don't think the WWE got any more interesting, which is a bad sign coming off of a ppv whose sole purpose is to make the future interesting.

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