ROH TV Recap: ReDRagon Defends Against C&C, Bennett On If He's Staying, Ciampa Vs. Marshall

Tommaso Ciampa vs. QT Marshall (with RD Evans)

Ciampa hits a knee to the face. QT rolls outside. Ciampa follows. He sends QT into the barricade. Ciampa hits a chop and sends QT back into the ring. Ciampa heads inside to keep the attack up, but Marshall rolls back out and tries to go to work on Ciampa's knee. Ciampa sends Marshall into the barricade. Things head back inside and Ciampa hits a running knee. He tries for another knee, but Evans grabs his leg. Ciampa brings Evans into the ring.

Ciampa turns around into a clothesline from QT via the distraction from Evans. QT takes Ciampa up top, but Ciampa fights him off. QT lands a dropkick. Ciampa falls off the turnbuckle and gets tangled in the ropes. Back from commercial and QT is in control. He lands a running knee on Ciampa and then sets a chair up outside. He slams Ciampa's knee into the chair. He rolls Ciampa inside for a near pin fall. QT keeps up the attack on Ciampa's leg. He locks Ciampa in an Indian Death Lock.

Ciampa fights out and they exchange strikes. Ciampa lands several clotheslines and a backdrop. He hits QT with a knee that sends him to the apron. Ciampa knocks QT off the apron, to the floor. Ciampa goes up top and lands a crossbody, tweaking his knee. Prince Nana comes out on the ramp. Both wrestlers head back inside before the 20 count and QT lands several strikes. Ciampa reverses into an Air Raid Crash. He signals for Project Ciampa. Evans gets into the ring to stop him. Ciampa tries to hit Evans with Project Ciampa, but Evans is able to get out of the ring.

Evans tries to run away, but sees Nana and runs back into the ring. Ciampa hits Evans with Project Ciampa. QT lands a roll up for a near pin fall. He tries to keep the attack up, but Ciampa pulls his knee pad off and hits a running knee for the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Inside ROH is then shown. Kevin Kelly talks about the Briscoe vs. Briscoe title match. Then, Steve Corino talks about the Briscoes being injured. He says that next week, Matt Hardy will become the new champion. Then, Steel Cage Warfare in two weeks is talked about, followed by comments from Kevin Steen on replacing Mark Briscoe in the match.

Nick Merriman vs. Mike Bennett (with Maria and Brutal Bob)

Bennett hits the Box Office Smash for the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett

After the match Bennett takes up the mic and asks if he should stay or go. He pulls out an ROH contract and says everyone wants him to stay. He talks a bunch of trash and says people cheer Cheeseburger but boo him. He offers the contract to Cheeseburger and says it's lucrative. He says Cheeseburger has proven himself and he respects that. Cheeseburger goes to check out the contract and Bennett hits hits him with a Superkick. Brutal Bob tries to stop the attack, but Bennett hits him with the Box Office Smash. Bennett says the Prodigy is dead and he and Maria leave the ring.

Jay Briscoe then comes down to the ring and talks about there being speculation on his status because of his shoulder. He says that he's injured, but still breathing. He says that he is going to beat Matt Hardy next week and that the only way Hardy will win is by prying the belt from his cold, dead hands.

ROH World Tag Team Championships
reDRagon (c) vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

Cedric and O'Reilly start things off. They chain wrestle. O'Reilly tries for a dropkick, but Cedric blocks it. He slingshots O'Reilly. Caprice comes in. He tries to attack O'Reilly, but O'Reilly hits a jawbreaker. Fish comes in. Caprice comes back quickly with a hip toss. Fish tries for a kick, but Caprice counters. He hits Fish with a leg lariat. Cedric comes in. C&C double team Fish. Cedric hits an uppercut. He slams Fish. reDRagon try to come back with the double team. C&C hit a double dropkick. Cedric and Caprice keep the attack up and Cedric hits a dive as things go to commercial.

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