ROH TV Recap: ReDRagon Defends Against C&C, Bennett On If He's Staying, Ciampa Vs. Marshall

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are watching the match from the ramp. Caprice delivers strikes to Fish in the ring. O'Reilly gets tagged in and Caprice lands a back drop, followed by a leg drop. Caprice hits a leg lariat. Cedric comes in. Caprice hits Fish off the apron. Cedric charges O'Reilly, but O'Reilly puts a boot up. Caprice charges and O'Reilly backdrops him to the outside. Cedric tries to kick O'Reilly to no avail as Fish rams Caprice into the barrier on the outside.

O'Reilly hits a running dropkick from the apron. They keep going back and forth as SCUM attacks Richards and Edwardss. ACH and Tadarius Thomas run out and join in on the fight as well. Back in the ring, O'Reilly locks in a cross armbreaker on Cedric and Caprice breaks it up. Fish comes in and hits Caprice with a falcon arrow. Cedric and Fish exchange strikes and O'Reilly hits Cedric from behind. Fish lands a Saito Suplex.

Fish and Caprice both officially tag in. O'Reilly gets knocked off the apron as Caprice hits Fish with a boot and Cedric lands an enziguri. Caprice picks Fish up on his shoulders and Cedric hits a kick to the head. Caprice hits Fish with a Death Valley Driver across Cedric's knees. Fish gets sent to the apron. Cedric knocks him off and dives, taking him and all the other wrestlers brawling around the ring out. Back in the ring, Caprice blocks a Suplex attempt by O'Reilly. He sets O'Reilly on the top rope and goes for a hurricanrana, but Fish grabs O'Reilly and Caprice crashes to the mat. reDRagon hit their double team Brainbuster/kick combo for the win.

Winners: reDRagon

After the match all the teams head into the ring and the brawl continues.

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