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As noted earlier, The Ultimate Warrior spoke to Sam Roberts about being a playable character in WWE 2K14. You can pre-order WWE 2K14 for PS3 and XBox at by clicking here. We posted the video earlier this week, here are some highlights:

His thoughts on being in WWE 2K14: "It's awesome, man. As I've said before, many times, it's humbling that the wrestling fans have continued to want to be excited by the Ultimate Warrior character and that persona and the energy and the work and the creativity I put in it. Have it in a video game, play with it and have fun."

What's his relationship like with the WWE: "Well, in the licensing deals I've done with the other video games, action figures and now with 2K, they got to sign off. 2K's got to go to them and say can we reach out to Warrior and do a licensing deal with him. I do my own licensing deals. I don't work hand in hand with them about the game or talk to anybody there in house.

"The best thing right now about everything with WWE after years of fighting and storytelling and stuff is that we're not fighting right now. I don't have anything I can tell you about what the future holds. There's always, you know when something like this happens, there's rumors that take place about a potential return in some way, a Hall of Fame appearance. I don't have anything to tell you about that."

Does he currently watch the product: "I'm aware of the top guys, but no, I don't watch it. I don't watch the wrestling at all."

If he could get back into the ring for one more match, whom would it be against: "I don't have anybody I would choose. I just, I don't even go there."

Would he do a Vince McMahon vs. himself grudge match: "It's interesting to think about. One of the greatest periods in the WWE history was the angles, the storyline with Stone Cold Steve Austin. It wasn't even billed around wrestling really. It was billed around other stuff. The mindsets and the attitude and the characters. He and Vince got more real heat between one another than anybody else.

"If you just brought that, blew on the flames a bit it'd be incredible. And largely because Vince's intensity for things hasn't died and neither has mine. If I was like some of the other talent that worked in that time and just broken down and all worn out and tired, it'd be different. But I'm not. Yeah, that'd be neat but I don't sit around fantasizing about it too much. My days in the ring, chances are really good that they're over. They're done."

You can check out the whole video above.

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