Shane Helms On If Comedy Affected His Wrestling Career, His Favorite Wrestlers Growing Up, More

Source: Wild Talk Radio

His use of comedy in wrestling and how it affected his career and perception: "Comedy is really hard. When I went from Hurricane to Gregory, or The Hurricane to Gregory Helms and all of a sudden I'm having like the best matches on the card every night again; I came back one time and Arn Anderson was like 'Darn kid, I forgot how good you were' and it was a compliment, but at the same time, it's a testament to how I was perceived. And in a business where perception can be reality, that was a very telling story. But comedy is just a very underrated thing, a very under-appreciated thing. The same Tom Hanks that was in Big is the same Tom Hanks that was in Philadelphia; it's the same guy. So, even though I was the Hurricane, I was just playing a role; the same guy that did all that crazy stuff as Sugar Shane had all those great matches as Gregory Helms. So, it was just a telling story because I heard 'Man, why didn't you wrestling like that when you were the Hurricane?', because fans didn't want to see it. As the Hurricane, the wanted to see the comedy; they wanted the pose, the chokeslam, the eye poke and the 'gaga'. And even though I'm supposed to be the one out there telling the story, it is a give and take with the fans; that's what they wanted to see from the Hurricane, and so it was kind of my job to entertain them; that's what they paid to see me do so that's what I gave them."

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