Views From The Turnbuckle: Aces & Eights And The Never-Ending Story(Line)

For the next few months, we were led to believe that Aces & 8s were a dominant faction, even though outside of Bully Ray title defenses, they lost almost every single match. At Slammiversary, Bischoff, Anderson and Brisco were beaten soundly by Magnus, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. In addition, Devon lost his TV Title to Abyss. Bully Ray once again defended his title after an incredibly predictable run-in by Aces & 8s. Once again, Bully retained in hopes of looking strong, but he was undermined by the fact that his cronies had all lost their matches.

The next confusing step in the storyline would see Sting once again try to take down Aces & 8s, even though it seemed like his loss at Slammiversary would eliminate him from the storyline. Sting decided that since no-one from the back helped him at Slammiversary, he would assemble a team (sound familiar?) of guys who he can trust (presumably ones that were not in "the back"). Sting would then promptly assemble a team of guys who were in the back: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Magnus, with Rampage Jackson also being on his team.

For the record, Sting's team (dubbed the **NEW** Main Event Mafia) consists of a man in his 50s, a man in his 40s, the worst booked wrestler in wrestling, a guy who has never wrestled a match in his life, and Magnus. Sting will more or less assemble this squad to take down Aces at Bound For Glory, which may put an end to the storyline, or maybe not, since Aces & 8s is already scheduled to appear on pre-taped ppvs which will run through the end of the year.

One last disappointment is the guys that were chosen to be in Aces & 8s. Bully Ray was a fine choice to lead, and Devon and Anderson are serviceable, but the others are weak. Bischoff and Brisco were chosen for their last names, not because of their abilities in the ring, as both are extremely green. TNA recently released Doug Williams and Kid Kash, both who were doing nothing in the company. Like Aces & 8s wouldn't be 100x better with Kash and Williams instead of Brisco and Bischoff? Knox and Gallows were chosen over accomplished TNA guys like Gunner, Matt Morgan and others. I know they wanted to use outside talent for the invasion storyline, but that didn't stop them from making the Dudley's or Anderson the ones in charge?

Lastly, it isn't like Aces & 8s is leading TNA to any great glory. TNA's numbers are way down compared to years past and a rash of recent releases of some thinking that TNA is in serious financial peril. If TNA was bright, they should end Aces & 8s ASAP, so that maybe they can salvage what they currently have, because it sure as hell isn't adding any new viewers.

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